Best motherboard • Which to choose? (September 2022)

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    • ASUS TUF Gaming B660M-PLUS

    • M-ATX
    • Socket LGA1700
    • RAM DDR4
    • ASUS PRIME Z690-A

    • ATX
    • Socket LGA1700
    • RAM DDR5
    • ASUS PRIME Z690-P D4

    • ATX
    • Socket LGA1700
    • RAM DDR4
    • MSI B550 A PRO

    • ATX
    • Socket AM4
    • RAM DDR4
    • Msi Mpg B550 Gaming Plus

    • ATX
    • Socket AM4
    • RAM DDR4

    What is the best motherboard that you can buy right now to complete your gaming setup? Are you confused by the huge choice on the market?

    No problem: today the team will guide you in choosing the best motherboard in relation to your needs and financial resources.

    Before seeing the products I am about to recommend, however, I suggest you read our introduction or you may run into unpleasant problems of incompatibility and confusion.

    Before we start inside the Buying Guide however, I would like to give you some tips that you may possibly ignore if you are an expert.

    Below I also leave you a handy index for browsing the article and all its subsections:

    • Best motherboard • Introduction
    • Better motherboard • Compatibility
    • Best motherboard • Intel or AMD?
    • Best motherboard • Form Factor
    • Best Motherboard • Intel Alder Lake S
    • Best motherboard • AMD Ryzen
    • Best Motherboard • Intel Comet Lake & Rocket Lake

    Best PC motherboard • Which to choose?

    La guide will be divided into categories by type of socket e chipset owned by motherboards, within which we will find proposals for quality / price different.

    A kind of ranking of motherboards, this that I am about to present to you, which will be constantly updated, month by month, with the proposal of the best offers on the market.

    This motherboard buying guide is intended for both users who own an AMD processor and for those intending to purchase an Intel processor.

    Before starting, let's analyze some fundamental aspects including structural characteristics, compatibility and much more gaming motherboards!

    Best Motherboard • Intel Alder Lake S

    Le best motherboards for architecture Alder Lake S that I have chosen for this guide range from an economic to a medium-high range.

    You will see that even with just a processor F (those without integrated graphics) and a card B660 you will get really excellent results in this area Gaming.

    For this guide, however, I decided to dedicate myself to compatible cards DDR4, given the prices and some small problems that the platforms DDR5 could present.

    ASUS TUF Gaming B660M-E D4

    As we know, the line TUF is the entry-level one of Asus, designed to guarantee a good product without affecting too much on the purse.

    This is the case with this motherboard B660M. This is the TUF Gaming B660M-E D4.

    It is not possible to carry out overclock on the cpu from this tab, but you can activate theXMP to reach the specific memory clock of your ram, up to 5333mhz!

    To be a card entry-level for gaming, however, we have two available pcie per gpu e 2 slot per nvme: if you are thinking of a budget system but with good features, combining a processor F, this motherboard might be one of your top picks.


    If you are looking for one gaming motherboard per intel processors then the choice that's right for you, if you don't have a big budget available, is there PRIME B660 PLUS.

    An motherboard solid, which does not have much to envy to Z690 to follow, when used exclusively for Gaming and not for overclock.

    This is the best solution for a twelfth generation intel processor if you don't effect OC or if you want one reliable mobo but at the same time with an honest quality / price ratio.

    Unfortunately, as you well have understood the mobo intel now cost a lot, this is the right choice for a good 90% of the owners of this platform.

    ASUS PRIME Z690-P D4

    Now let's get to the heart of the matter with one Z690 mid-range.

    Just have a look at the heatsinks for vrm to understand how the ASUS PRIME Z690-P is meant for overclock moderate: below we find 15 DrMOS to perfectly combine power and efficiency.

    Like the B660 examined earlier we have XMP to 5333mhz (always DDR4), but compared to that there are well 3 ports nvme and a slot PCIExpress 5.0!

    If the Z690-P D4 latita from the usb and sata point of view, the same cannot be said for the rest of the technologies it presents: a natural choice for a system designed for play hours and hours.


    Let's analyze one now motherboard that already from the photo alone will give you the idea of stability e safety. The Z690 Aorus Elite!

    Gigabyte aims at the highest with its top of the range Gaming per Intel 12esima generation with support DDR4.

    16 stages of DrMOS allow this motherboard to monitor both RAM and i processors more runaway, just look at the giant heat sink with LEDs on the writing Aorus overhanging the corner of the processor.

    Here too we find one PCIExpress 5.0 and 3 entrances for NVME, covered by a very generous heatsink for M.2 SSD.

    Doors USB and entrances at will make this motherboard a greedy purchase for those who do not want to miss anything, not even the possibility to push the processor at most to earn some fps.

    Best motherboard • AMD Ryzen

    In this section we are going to discover the fantastic ones motherboards for AMD Ryzen processors!

    All products in here come with socket AM4 and theirs chipset vary according to the price of the product.

    With these mobo models you will certainly be able to install any AMD Ryzen processor presented so far (3rd gen).

    Obviously the products are listed in ascending price order: only the last ones will be the best in the section.

    Top-of-the-range models for overclockers that are not of interest to the range of portal readers on average are excluded (overclockers are tough guys, they already know what interests them).

    MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus

    La better motherboard for AMD processors of the latest generation is a MSI MPG B550, powerful enough to handle a high-end processor such as a Ryzen 7 but also a Ryzen 9.

    The motherboard allows you to mount DDR4 RAM memories and two latest generation NVMe SSDs.

    The power supply phases (VRMs) of this motherboard are sufficient for most of the potential processors to be installed and the price is balanced and valid.

    Add the product to the cart so as not to lose sight of it!

    MSI B550-A PRO

    If you are looking for one motherboard that is equipped with Pci Express 4.0, without spending a fortune, this is probably the best choice you can make.

    This is the MSI B550-A PRO.

    This motherboard supports i XNUMXrd generation Ryzen without having to update the BIOS via Flash.

    It will also support i Ryzen of the fifth generation better known as architecture It was 3, where however it will be necessary to update the BIOS.

    It does not support the older generations of processors behind the third.

    Equipped with two connectors SSD M2 Nvme: it is one of the cheapest B550s in circulation but among the most reliable in terms of quality / price ratio.

    Asus PRIME X570-P

    An motherboard with good performance, certainly no longer an entry level but in the mid-range that deals with shuttling between the cheapest and best motherboards for AMD processors.

    The PRIME X570-P is a mobo from simple design, cared for in an elegant and not exuberant way.

    Format ATX Standard, Equipped with PCI Express armored and heatsink for the passive cooling of any SSD M2 installable via pad.

    Le RAM they can reach up to 3600Mhz of frequency and the rear connection interfaces are quite enough.

    For a qualitative leap, to carry outoverclock (thanks to more reliable VRMs and larger power stages) we'll jump into the next two products.

    This remains an all-around product of excellent quality for those who do not want to overdo it but demand a minimum of quality and connection interfaces.

    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite

    Gaming motherboard truly devastating of Gigabyte!

    The X570 Aorus Elite is a mobo classic for AMD!

    Needless to say, to aim for this model we plan to carry out at least every now andoverclock, otherwise it's wasted money.

    In fact, you might otherwise settle for something cheaper.

    La X570 is equipped with 12 + 2 power phases with VRM able to safely handle discrete loads and at optimal temperatures.

    Card from breathtaking design, rich in LED RGB and very refined aesthetic gems. Gigabyte has truly taken a quantum leap in terms of impressive design in recent years.

    Best motherboard • Intel Comet Lake & Rocket lake

    What is the best motherboard for Intel Comet Lake processor e Rocket lake?

    In this section I will try to answer this question by listing some of the best market proposals regarding decima e eleventh generation of processors Intel.

    In fact, you will find starting mobos: sparse, weak and aesthetically limited; but you will also find many gaming and overclocking motherboards!

    So without getting lost in further talk let's see all the motherboards with LGA1200 socket and with chipset compatible.


    Le Z590 were the first cards to implement the PCI Express 4.0 on platform Intel.

    The best solution to install the XNUMXth generation intel processors.

    This represents one of the best opportunities since the quality / price ratio is excellent and provides everything we need.

    Gigabyte B460 HD3

    The first motherboard that we will present in the category of those compatible with the XNUMXth generation of Intel processors is a Gigabyte rather cheap and basic.

    It must be said that this card, as indeed the whole range B460, proves to be more expensive than the counterpart AMD on chipset B450 e B550.

    It is not one motherboard which offers particular technologies or support: it is indeed rather sparse and weak, but it seemed right to find an economic starting point for those who want an intel configuration with little budget.

    Our advice, however, remains to tack on an AMD processor and AMD PC configurations.


    If what you are looking for is a card that is not too expensive but offers the Features basic, with the addition of a hint of extravagance then this MSI could be for you.

    The price is the most affordable in the category of Z490 where otherwise you have to spend a few more coins if you want to go up in quality.

    This board is solid, supports RAM DDR4 to 4800 Mhz and supports the full range of XNUMXth generation intel processors.

    With this card you can already put your hand to a overclock as long as you have the right disposer and the right skills.

    To push your processor to the maximum, however, I advise you to aim for a better card than the current one.

    Asus ROG Strix Z490-F

    A great one motherboard for intel processors that allows you to perform good overclock at a reasonable amount?

    Without a doubt there Asus ROG STRIX Z490-F is the workhorse of the series dedicated to intel processors.

    In fact, it presents itself at an excellent level rapporto qualità / prezzo and makes available 12 + 2 power phases for the CPU.

    I connectors for SSD Nvme M.2 they are equipped with the aluminum heatsink.

    La motherboard offers breathtaking design with LED RGB but retains black as the predominant base color.

    Better motherboard • Compatibility

    The more experienced will surely know that each motherboard it must always be combined with a corresponding generation processor to ensure total compatibility.

    In fact, there are thousands of mobo models different, designed for AMD or Intel configurations, of different generations.

    The first thing to do is to find out which socket the processor that we purchased. The socket is the housing where we will place the CPU.

    Later we will need to do some research on the socket and identify which one motherboard will have a chipset (as well as a socket already verified previously) perfectly compatible with ours CPU.

    To make your ideas clearer, here are some indications relating to motherboards for AMD or Intel:

    • An motherboard with socket LGA1700 and with chipset Z690, H670 o B660 was created to mount intel processors of twelfth generation. This generation of cards is the first to use either RAM DDR4 that the standard DDR55, as well as the first wools PCIExpress 5.0. The generation of processors compatible with this standard is called Alder Lake S.
    • An motherboard with socket LGA1200 and with chipset B560, Z590 was created to mount both XNUMXth and XNUMXth generation Intel processors. The B560 and Z590 they also offer PCIExpress4.0 unlike Z490, H470, B460 and H410 which were instead designed to support all the tenth generation intel processors called in code "Comet Lake" and which are not compatible without first updating the bios.
    • An motherboard with socket AM4 it was specially designed to be longer than its counterpart Intel. There are many chipset dal lato AMD including in particular X570, B550, A520 and many others even more dated that will follow.
      The most recent B550 they are designed to mount any fifth generation AMD processor, without the need for a bios update, required instead on X570, otherwise the mobo will not recognize the CPU.
    • An motherboard con socket LGA1151 e chipset Z390, Z370, H370, B360, H310 is set up to support all of them Intel XNUMXth generation CPU and also 390th generation processors (bios upgrade required in non-ZXNUMX models), better known generations as Coffee Lake.
    • An motherboard with socket TR4 e X399 chipset allows the installation of Threadripper CPUs at AMD.
    • An motherboard with socket FCLGA2066 e X299 chipset will allow you to install the Intel Extreme processors.

    They are then existing socket rather obsolete like the 1150 socket andAM3 +, which could nevertheless come in handy to some collector or someone who owns a processor long-standing and look for a used product to support him.

    But these cards can now be bought exclusively in the second-hand market.

    Best motherboard • Intel or AMD?

    Many of you are certainly wondering what the fundamental differences are between the motherboards for Intel processors and motherboards for AMD processors.

    They are not many, but in any case the two producers follow different company lines that also have a direct consequence in the market of mobo.

    Usually one AMD motherboard is more long-lived: with the same socket the Sunnyvale company promises that BIOS firmware updates will be released to allow the installation of processors of different generations on a given motherboard before it has to be changed.

    This does not happen on the other hand Intel: that despite using the same one socket uses mezzucci to force anyone who wants to buy new generation processors to have to buy a new one as well motherboard.

    This is the “attitudinal” difference of the two companies which also affects the mobo.

    As far as the functional area is concerned, the technologies implemented are practically always common to both brands except for a few minorities.

    Best motherboard • Form Factor

    It is also good to clarify the ideas regarding another classification of primary importance in the world of motherboards: that of form factor.

    Il Form Factor it is none other than the abbreviation that indicates the dimensions of the motherboard.

    Form Factor of mobos arranged in descending order.

    In fact, there are different types that differ in addition to the physical dimensions of the motherboard also from the support to connectivity and to the greater or lesser presence of connectors PCI Express or for RAM memories.

    The main form factor is theATX standard, as well as the one recommended for gaming configurations of all kinds.

    Mobo smaller ones are used in PC cases specially designed for small gaming configurations and generally may have fewer connectivity interfaces, fewer SATA ports, fewer PCI Express slots, fewer banks for inserting RAM memories and a whole series of other things.

    Le E-ATX they are instead mobo large used in larger homes, typically for multi-GPU configurations, For overclock or for workstation servers.

    Best motherboard? Which one to choose?

    Here we are at the end of this guide, as already mentioned it would have been impossible to insert all the cards available on the market, so we have limited ourselves to simply listing the best proposals for each individual socket.

    We still hope we have been of help, if you have any questions or advice you can leave them below without hesitation.

    Let us know if you chose the motherboard for your Intel processor or for your AMD processor!

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