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Le office chairs they are particular in that they do not belong to a well-defined and delineated category. There is no best office chair, ideal for everyone, but each of these will choose their own based above all on the furnishing of the room and their practical needs.

The office chairs can be very different from each other, but all will be chosen according to the comfort (of the sitting and the back) and to your own aesthetic taste.

Compared to other chairs, in fact, office chairs must also look beautiful in the eyes of potential customers and, as in the case of ergonomic chairs, help in living with orthopedic problems.

Therefore, they go to insert themselves in a place, the office in fact, which often opens to customers and hosts the professional for many hours every day. Completely other than gaming chairs, therefore, that we have recommended to you and think, on the contrary, for gamers with a style that I would define more sporty.

Office chairs are not necessarily ergonomic chairs: those for the office constitute a broad category that can then include stools, armchairs, orthopedic chairs, quality products or products from commercial and cheap brands such as Ikea and Mondoconvenienza on average poor. An ergonomic chair is an office chair which, due to particular characteristics, allows the user to hold one stance ideal. It can also be defined postural chair or, perhaps improperly, orthopedic chair.

In our article we will go to see, therefore, the best office chairs dividing them by price range in descending order, with features and links to buy them online.

This is not a real one standings from best to worst as there are too many variables that will change from person to person. But let's not get lost in small talk and let's start immediately.

Best office chairs • Low end

In this first part we will analyze the best office chairs of the mold economic, therefore of low end. With a modest expense, therefore, you may be able to get your hands on a good quality product, able to guarantee you a good comfort that can allow you to work without too many problems.

The design may not be the most sought after, as well as the materials, but I assure you that you are looking for a good office chair, and you don't want to spend a fortune, you are in the right place.


Among the best low-end office chairs, I can only offer you the mfavour. It is a pretty chair ergonomic, Equipped with headrest, and is certainly suitable for those who, first of all, want to be comfortable, even renouncing aesthetics or the quality of the materials.

As already mentioned, the chair is first of all ergonomic. Its back, in the shape of S, is made of highly polyester mesh elastic and breathable that does not make you sweat, while the foam headrest ensures excellent comfort during the most relaxing moments. As for the seat, this is 10 cm thick, and is made of sponge.

It also allows you to adjust the inclination of the backrest, from the classics 90° up to 135°, according to the user's needs, as well as the height of the chair. The product is suitable for tall people between 158 and 180 cm, with a maximum weight of 130 Kg.

In design, perhaps it is not among the best on the market, nevertheless it is more than enough for a station without too many pretensions. Indeed, all in all it gives a more sporty than elegant impression.

140 € about, this is the minimum wage if you want an ergonomic chair, of good quality, but above all practical and comfortable.

Best office chairs • Mid-range

This range includes the best most purchased office chairs. The average price still allows you to buy good quality chairs to furnish your office in an elegant way and work with all the comforts.

Among sports office chairs and other more classic ones, you can definitely choose the one that's right for you.

Songmics Swivel Armchair OBG71B

With Songmics OBG71B we always stay on a high quality product that manages to satisfy the needs and objectives of customers who want a chair and an armchair at the same time. An adjustable chair, mainly for the office, that combines utility and comfort in a single product.

First of all, let's talk about an accessory for the office or for the studio that it proposes high quality materials, the chair cover is in leatherette, black, shiny and elegant, also easy to clean; the seat is padded with sponge that releases a good elasticity, comfortable, resistant and does not make you sweat.

To this is added a ergonomic and refined design in the details which makes the chair quite elegance, excellent for contexts of a certain level. The appearance, in short, is that of classic chair for president or director, imposing, which rotates on itself and which makes the position it covers "cool".

Apart from this, however, it responds well to the needs of the body: the curvature of the back adapts well to the body thanks to the reclining seat which helps to maintain a correct posture, essential for those who remain seated at the desk for a prolonged time. The total height, in fact, can vary between 116 and 126 cm and becomes flexible up to 150 ° but it is, at the same time, lockable in the position you want most without wobbling problems during working hours. For moments of relaxation is also included a hidden legrest.

Overall the model OBG71B area of Songmics results stable, resistant e reliable but also very comfortable without having back problems for those who have to remain seated for many consecutive hours. A product suitable for those who do not have a limited budget and spending problems.

A practical and bidirectional chair that allows you to move around the office while remaining seated and doing all the movements and all the things to do in the same way thanks to the wheels and the adjustable backrest.

HJH Office 621770

Mid-range product also this, theHJH Office 621770  it's a'elegance chair-armchair presidential type, in faux leather and two colors, black and brown. The price is certainly not the highest but the workmanship is definitely very good and with its fine and classy appearance it is clearly superior to what it is, looking like a top of the class. A piece of furniture for elegant and non-elegant office environments.

Il design is simple but refined, with attention to the smallest details, well finished in all points. An elegant design that is well suited to different environments, where black certainly prevails but the brown side bands give a captivating touch and greater customization. There leatherette is durable and well made, but certainly don't expect the high quality of genuine leather. It does not give off unpleasant odors and can be easily cleaned, but to avoid minor inconveniences, the advice is always to follow the manufacturer's instructions for effective cleaning of the synthetic product.

HJH Office 621770  it is a comfortable and comfortable chair-armchair, even for those who have to sit at a desk for several hours. Ergonomic shape and a 'thick padding which allows you to maintain optimal posture, with pillow-shaped headrest (lets your neck rest for a few minutes when you take your eyes off the monitor), they are designed to give maximum relaxation even during periods of prolonged work. A chair that seems made to sit for hours and hours without getting tired.

The seat of the armchair is comfortable, wide and welcoming; hard but not too hard without compromising comfort. The toplift mechanism, typical of this product, it also allows you to adjust the height of the seat. Added to this is an oscillating mechanism without clicks to favor the high comfort of the back, without however blocking in the desired points except in the initial position.

For some users this lack of blocking is seen as a minor flaw. We, on the other hand, re-evaluate it as a advantage and a peculiarity of this product. In fact, this model allows you to "stretch" a little, during breaks or even while working, swaying back and forth with the back without having the firm pose.

Special features of this product i movable armrests with Softpad padding, foldable upwards, they can be raised to your liking. A very convenient feature that is hardly found in other products with similar requirements. The wheels also have a double safety brake, suitable for sliding on different floors, both marble and parquet, without scratching as well as moving easily on the carpet.

A chair-armchair therefore comfortable and relaxing, with an elegant and refined appearance. The perfect piece of furniture for the office both for its fine design and for the ergonomics with which it presents itself. Product that stands out, therefore, for quality and functionality, with a excellent value for money. Certainly the market offers even better, but certainly not at this price. Absolutely recommended.

Topstar 7800D60

With the Topstar 7800D60 we always stay on a product of middle band and one type of office chair presidential chair type. Excellent workmanship and beautiful design make this product a piece of furniture recommended for the good compromise between quality and price.

Topstar 7800D60 is a very comfortable chair with aquilted padding and by extra thickness, about 12 cm, placed in particular in the most delicate points of the headrest and knees.

Lo back also it is very comfortable because quite wide and with a padded cushion for the head that allows you to relax and unwind in moments of relaxation and, at the same time, give the right support in moments of work. The wide backrest together with the sitting very spacious and basin shape it is designed to give the right comfort even to the most robust people.

The chair also features a lever adjustment mechanism allowing you to select the height of the backrest that you most want and that it is as congenial as possible according to your height and that of the desk.

You can then customize the height thanks to a gas piston system and also incline the backrest according to your movements through a system that responds to the weight of the body and tilts through a rocking mechanism.

The Topstar 7800D60 office chair shows itself quite well solid offering the right support.

A chair, therefore, that with its specific characteristics is suitable for the average customer who is looking for a piece of furniture for the office that is valid, elegant enough and does not require an exorbitant expense.

According to the technical data sheet, the Topstar 7800D60 model responds very well to these needs but according to some users not well suited to continuous work needs why the sitting would turn out somewhat uncomfortable. So pay attention to what you are looking for and before proceeding with the purchase make all the appropriate considerations. Therefore recommended but with some reservations.

Best office chairs • High-end

We got to more office chairs expensive and more precious, which are perfectly suited to those high-level workstations. It will therefore start from rather high prices, but I assure you that if you are looking for the best in comfort and the finest design, you will not be able to help but buy them.

Let's see immediately which are the best office chairs of high-end.

Sharkoon SGS40

Characterized by an appearance elegance, this chair produced by Sharkoon demonstrates all the quality that the German company puts into its products.

In this case, we find ourselves in the presence of one of the best office chairs on the market, which would not clash even with a gaming station. This chair allows you to working e play without compromise, thanks above all to the comfort it can offer, and the possibility of being able to adjust practically every aspect, from the backrest to the armrests.

The structure is made of steel, which makes it practically resistant to everything, while the skins are of excellent workmanship, even if perhaps a step behind the competition.

In conclusion, a chair that winks at those looking for the best between comfort and quality, and wants to complete their workstation with a touch of class. For just over 300 €, one of the best choices you could make.

If you want to learn more about this product, the team has made a more in-depth review.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series

secretlab it is perhaps one of the best brands of office chairs that you can find around, especially for the enormous quality that the brand is able to offer.

La Titan Evo in its latest incarnation, it improves and refines every aspect of the previous models, but let's start with the materials. The chair has an upholstery in skin, with simply perfect seams. The cervical pillow è magnetic, and is made in memory foam, with a soft and comfortable cover for resting your head. All this allows you to sit in front of the PC for hours without physically tiring too much.

The Secretlab also allows you to adjust the curvature of the backrest e the height of this curvature, thanks to two special knobs.

The price is not low. Let's talk about 500 €Nevertheless, in front of a product of this quality, you cannot ask for better, thanks to a product able to make you work at your best and effortlessly, with obvious benefits also for physical health.

Again, you can find the full review of the secretlab titan evo within the platform

Noblechairs Icon

Among the best office chairs that you can find around in the stores I cannot fail to mention the Noblechairs Icon, available in different colors and different materials.

Starting right from the materials, you can find this chair upholstered in Faux Leather, real or synthetic leather, or "simple" fabric. If you want, you can also choose the colore that best suits your demanding. The structure of the chair is made of steel and aluminum, and can hold up to 150 Kg.

THEheight andinclination of the chair are fully adjustable, as well as the armrests, which also guarantee an oscillating function.

Its design is also flawless Minimalist, but certainly premium, and that adapts perfectly to any work environment, even for a high-level gaming station.

Again, the price is around 500 €. A price certainly in focus for what it offers, and certainly able to compete with products in its same price range.

What is the best office chair? Conclusions

I have reported in my guide the best office chairs according to our tests and our experience.

But, in general, the best office chair, as already widely explained, can be chosen based on aesthetic tastes and personal needs.

You will then decide which office chair is best for you based on the information provided. For any doubts, however, you can write us in the comments!

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