Best PC Cases • Shopping Advice (September 2022)

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    • BeQuiet Pure Base 500

    • High quality Mid Tower!
    • Fans: 2x 140mm
    • ATX
    • NZXT H510

    • A minimal and quality case at an affordable price
    • Fans: 2x 120mm
    • ATX
    • Fractal Design Meshify C

    • Quality that cannot be renounced
    • Fans: 2x 120mm
    • ATX
    • Fractal Design Torrent E-ATX

    • The case with the best airflow of all!
    • Ventole: 3x 140mm, 2x 180mm
    • E-ATX
    • Lian Li Q58

    • Very little space, but a lot of quality!
    • No fan included
    • Mini-ITX

    What are the delivery times? best pc cases?

    If the choice of the best pc case presents a problem for you, we have decided to help you by recommending ideal parameters to be evaluated in the choice of cabinet for your pc. has in fact developed the guide more in-depth on the web about pc cases where you can find the best market proposals regarding the purchase of CASE​ e cabinet for stationary computers.

    Best PC Cases • Shopping Advice

    If you are looking for a case per pc and you don't know which one to buy, given the wide choice on the market, just read this guide to have clear ideas.

    But first let's do a little introduction in which we will establish what are the fundamental parameters to keep an eye on to buy a cabinet self-respecting!

    There are houses of all kinds and models and obviously each proposal is addressed to a specific type of user. Today we will try to introduce you with attached pictures and descriptions, gods good quality products, without neglecting the aesthetic factor nor that functional.

    The houses can be divided into various categories: those for the officethen moddingfrom gaming.

    The first, the office houses, are designed for common use.

    The other two, case and gaming o modding, must have ideal characteristics to improve the performance of assembled pc to be very powerful.

    office houses, like office chairs, they must also be elegant and fit inside a furniture to complete it, reflecting the user's tastes.

    I case and gaminginstead, they can have colored fans, a transparent side for looking inside the computer, and unique shapes.

    Obviously, the higher the quality of the internal components the more the price goes up, so we're going to split this up guide in various sections: from the cheapest to the one for the most spenders!

    However, remember to check for any compatibility between yours CASE​ and yours motherboard the other component eats heatsinksfanscards before purchasing the product of your choice.

    Also check that the size of the fans are compatible with the slots available on the case and that i heatsinks and / or video cards, once mounted, do not interfere with the expansion slots (HDD, SSD, lettore DVD).

    You can find all these details in the section about the technical specifications by going to the manufacturer's website chassis.

    Recall that the chassis da gaming they can be classified into different categories:

    • Micro tower
    • mini-tower
    • Middle tower
    • Full tower

    This nomenclature serves only to define the size of houses and therefore the relative compatibility with various motherboard models.

    We will also evaluate a case by the presence of LEDs, dust filters, side panels, I / O peripherals, fans included, stability, production materials and much more.

    For the following article, I report below an index for navigation with the various price ranges specified:

    • Low band
    • Mid-range
    • High band
    • Honorable mentions

    Best PC Cases • Low-end

    Within this paragraph we will find some CASE​ di fair quality which however due to the low cost they can't offer that much.

    Purchase of these is generally recommended CASE​ who has to do one configuration economic or from the office.

    While we do not recommend the purchase of homes that have power supplies included as they are usually of poor quality, in this regard I invite you to visit our buying guide on the best PC power supplies.

    Recall that perform a good one cable management with the houses of this range it is quite complicated.

    Cooler Master – MasterBox Q300L

    One of the most interesting proposals of the economic sector is constituted by a Cooler Master houses: the product in question is the MasterBox Q300L.

    Un case and gaming of very small dimensions and elegant and simple aesthetics.

    It is obviously a product suitable for economic gaming configurations in which there is no claim to install large heatsinks or liquid heatsinks.

    It is an adorable, small product that does its duty at a truly unbeatable price. As I repeat, for an entry-level setup it can be one of the best homes In circulation.

    I have dealt with this article on one occasion and was pleasantly impressed by it rapporto qualità / prezzo.

    It only supports small motherboards, therefore only micro ATX and even mini ITX. Therefore we will not be able to install an ATX in this case.

    Sharkoon RGB LIT100

    Another very interesting proposal in the economic range is definitely the Sharkoon LIT100. The German company is known for its great value for money products, and this case is no exception.

    It is a cabinet of type middle tower with a rather captivating aesthetic. The Sharkoon case is built in metal and tempered glass on the side and front, the latter with a reflective texture, but above all RGB, very popular in houses designed for gaming.

    Included with the case, we find it already installed two 120mm fans, one on the back which is also RGB, and one on the front. In any case, it is possible to mount two other fans on the front, and two on the top of the case, thus ensuring excellent airflow. It also ensures good cable management thanks to the cable glands on the back.

    Supports motherboards of all sizes, graphics cards up to 35 cm, and power supplies up to 21,5 cm. Last but not least, you can stay up to six 2,5-inch SATA drives.

    Lo Sharkoon LIT100 it is a well-made case that, with the price it brings, can represent an excellent entry level solution for those looking for a case without too many pretensions, but do not want to give up aesthetics.

    Sharkoon RGB Slider

    Another great cabinet offered by Sharkoon is the RGB Slider. Its price is very similar to the case of the same company seen above, and even this case has nothing to envy to other higher-end ones.

    The quality of the materials is more than satisfactory. This case is built in metal, except on the side, made in tempered glass, thus allowing you to see the components inside it.

    The case guarantees a good airflow, also safeguarding the internal components of the PC thanks to a dust filter in its upper part. It does not give up even a good aesthetic, thanks to its RGB strip on the front, very nice to see.

    It supports all types of motherboards, as well as GPUs up to 33,5 cm in length, and heatsinks up to 15,7 cm in height.

    In general, it Sharkoon RGB Slider it is a case that must be taken seriously, especially suitable for economic configurations, thanks to its low price and the excellent quality it offers.

    Best PC Cases • Mid-Range

    Slowly we are approaching higher level articles.

    These despite having a higher cost offer more space in which to place the components in peace and a better organization of the interiors which results in a Airflow clearer.

    From now on you will be able to purchase houses from Gaming but perhaps it is not yet the right time to introduce the concept of "modding“, Because to carry out these practices you need really well organized and spacious houses.

    For the user who plans to assemble a PC da gaming these are the articles to start from!

    Be Quiet – Pure Base 500

    The Pure Base 500 of Be Quiet it's a case ATX very compact and really shaped minimal.

    It is the first proposal of the mid-range since it has an exceptional build quality, at a frankly very competitive price.

    It is not in fact usual to find case per pc that are so good around the 80 € price approx.

    This Pure Base 500 it can and should be considered the starting point for one Compact PC, but sturdy and solid.

    Two well-made 140mm fans are supplied with it.

    Although apparently it may seem completely closed, this case has enough slits to guarantee a more than satisfactory airflow. Furthermore, it allows the installation of liquid heatsinks.

    Among its strengths, certainly the dust filters installed on the front, on the sides and on the top cover. Finally, there is ample space for GPUs and large heatsinks.

    Corsair 110Q

    When it comes to PC cases, Corsair is one of the most appreciated and well-known companies and the 110Q does not fail in terms of quality and efficiency.

    So let's start with his design. Simple, Minimalist, but particularly effective in terms of airflow, thanks to the slits on the side, which allow fresh air to be introduced inside the case.

    There are no shortage of gods dust filters able to keep PC components clean. The real gem, however, are the four sound-absorbing panels present inside the cabinet, which reduce noise.

    Finally, you can install up to six fans, motherboards of any size, and 2,5 or 3,5-inch SATA drives.

    For about 90 €, Corsair 110Q it is certainly a choice not to be underestimated, thanks to the excellent quality and reliability that the brand offers with its products. Recommended.

    NZXT – H510

    The NZXT's H510 is without a doubt one of the most interesting houses currently on the market.

    This in fact manages to offer a combination of quality and aesthetics at an unbeatable price.

    Since I used it for my first time a few years ago I always recommend it for all the gaming configurations I assemble to my customers!

    The case also has two fans from 140mm pre-installed in the front and one 120mm fan in the rear section.

    It therefore manages to be well ventilated and spacious: I assure you that the cable management on this little gem it is really a walk!

    Sharkoon REV200 RGB

    The REV200 RGB di Sharkoon is a case with a very important feature: it has the side panel in tempered glass flipped from the reverse side to the traditional one.

    We will then have our window on the right side (looking at the case from the front).

    We have reviewed the Sharkoon REV100, the first version of this series, in more depth.

    They are also included well 5 RGB fans (2 in the back).

    The installation of the motherboard in this case it happens horizontally and the video card is installed vertically instead.

    Un case and gaming really very interesting and with unusual features that make it unique.

    It is offered at an honest price and certainly offers the right quality.

    Fractal Design Meshify C

    If you've never heard of Fractal Design the right time may have come to learn more about this brand from the countless very interesting proposals in the Hardware sector.

    The Meshify C is an extremely elegant case with a very organized interior.

    Assembling inside was quite simple and it was possible to do it in total serenity and comfort.

    Cable management is also simplified on this chassis da gaming.

    Add it to your cart and don't miss it!

    Best PC Cases • High End

    Yes, we have reached the section that everyone was waiting for: here we will find products of excellent quality but at the same time with a higher price.

    Although the articles will all be from Gaming not all as usual might be suitable for carrying out modding, therefore it is important to evaluate the choices carefully in case you want to expressly aim for that!

    Lian Li PC-O11

    Let's start heading towards a now case and gaming with decidedly different characteristics compared to what on average we find in gamers' homes.

    The Lian Li Pc-O11 is a CASE​ closed with windows in tempered glass which in some ways recalls the structure of the Thermaltake Core P5 that we find at the end of the guide.

    Except for the fact that in this case we are dealing in all respects with a closed chassis which therefore absolutely needs a functional airflow for the components that it will have to dissipate.

    The build quality is flawless and the aesthetics are no less.

    Phanteks Eclipse P400S

    Don't get carried away by prejudices: Phanteks is one of the best manufacturers of CASE​ currently in circulation.

    case Phanteks like the following Eclipse P400 are extremely accurate in every detail. Especially the aesthetics in these gems is never left to chance.

    Two are included 120mm fans one in the front and one in the back. They will help to better manage the airflow inside the case and gaming even if you don't want to buy better-made fans.

    Il side panel it is extremely elegant and offers a wide view of the interior. It is locked by using 4 screws.

    The housing is present inside to place the power supply in a marginal way.

    The price isn't high for what's on offer either. Definitely a good product Phanteks!

    NZXT – H510 Elite

    Remember theH510 what did you see at the beginning of the guide? Here's the big brother: the H510 Elite!

    Well, always NZXT proposes an improved model of the chassis previous, with more spaces and more features.

    A wonderful double tempered glass panel stands out on the two 140mm RGB fans included.

    There is also an additional 140mm RGB fan installed on the top.

    Il case and gaming presents an extremely clear and minimal aesthetic.

    There is also a connector on the front I / O panel USB Type C.

    Thermaltake View 37

    Let's have fun now with one of the most interesting houses of recent times: the thermaltake view 37 presents in fact numerous inventions from an aesthetic point of view that have struck us.

    The side window has been extended to the top of the case, offering a wide view of the interior.

    It is still a case of high-end which however is quite one of a kind.

    They are included 3 RGB fans of great quality. As usual Thermaltake does not disappoint on this one.

    The inside of the case is bare, however this does not mean that there is not enough space to insert the due hard disk ed SSD.

    Excellent choice for those who want a stylish station!

    Fractal Design Torrent Compact

    Another case with a truly elegant aesthetic, and with a truly excellent quality, is the Torrent Compact from Fractal Design.

    The cabinet is equipped with two RGB fans pre-installed on the front, and with its “grille” design on the front, it manages to give a unique and captivating aesthetic effect.

    Another peculiarity of this case is the installation of the power supply in the top, and allows you to arrange the cables in a simple and effective way, to be able to do a flawless job without too much effort.

    You can find different configurations of this case on the internet. It starts from approx 150 €. A price all in all in focus for those looking for a case with excellent quality, and does not want to compromise.

    Phanteks Evolv X

    We always go home Phanteks with an additional very interesting houses!

    In this case we are dealing with the Evolv X: a case whose price is starting to become less reachable for anyone who reads this guide.

    The case, when switched on, has alighting RGB truly unmatched.

    The interior spaces are extremely well organized and the case and gaming it also lends itself very well to the installation of AIO liquid heatsinks but also of custom liquid heatsinks.

    Build quality is flawless.

    Corsair 570 X RGB

    Here is the Corsair 570X RGB!

    Again the case panels will be in tempered glass of excellent workmanship.

    This is a case mid tower which allows you to install GPU with a maximum length of 370 mm and feeders with a maximum length of 200 mm.

    This version features 3 front fans RGB that can be controlled from the controller located near the power buttons by adjusting their color, mode and speed.

    An inexpensive but one-of-a-kind gem design elegant and precious like never before.

    There are covers for power pack and internal drives.

    Il CASE​ it is convenient for installing any kind of liquid plantcustomAIO that is.

    Below is the link to check the price directly from Amazon:

    Best pc cases • Honorable mentions

    In this last section we are going to present those houses that are out of the ordinary: you want for the price, you want for the functions they provide or the shape.

    This range will include the best homes selected by us, or perhaps those that any user would dream of being next to in gaming sessions.

    Many of these are convenient to carry out modding and installation of custom liquid systems.

    Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 RGB

    If you are looking for a high end case enthusiast, with a refined design and attention to detail, and an unparalleled quality of materials, the Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 RGB is the right choice for you.

    Made alloy steel, the case is quite heavy, well 13 kilograms of solidity and robustness, which make it a solid and long-lasting product.

    No fans are included, however those who buy such a unique case will choose to install very good quality fans. In any case, this case guarantees excellent airflow thanks also to the meshato front.

    Its price is around 200 €. A figure perhaps not within everyone's reach as regards homes. However, those who are lucky enough to buy it will find a truly excellent quality product in their hands.

    Thermaltake – P5

    Do you want a ventilated case? Particular? To put on display?

    Its name is Thermaltake Core P5 and it owns everything a modder could wish for!

    Think it has built-in support to be wall mounted.

    Obviously its key feature is the vision at 360 ° of the components.

    It is perfect for creating the most complex systems of liquid cooling e for one cable sleeving ordered thanks to the support for the cable management.

    La front window will allow you to see everything yours computer has to show so if you buy a similar case, make sure you buy components that have an appreciable aesthetic.

    The compartments on the right can support radiators for liquid systems with a maximum length of 480mm.

    I construction materials are fine, glass is of excellent quality.

    Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2

    The Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 represents Nirvana, everyone's forbidden dream PC gamer, for its design, its quality, and the excellent efficiency it can offer in terms of airflow.

    The case is made of Tempered glass, steel alloy and aluminum, and allows you to better install computer components while maintaining excellent internal cleanliness, without leaving cables in plain sight.

    They come as standard well tre ventole Silent Wings, made by the same company, which offer simply excellent performance. In addition, its speed can be easily adjusted thanks to a proprietary controller.

    There is also no compromise when it comes to the choice of components: thanks to its large size, you will have no problem inserting heatsinks, power supplies or GPUs of any size.

    A case, as already mentioned, without compromises, perfect for those who do not mind expenses and want only the best for their computer and certainly, among the best PC cases around.

    Best PC Cases • Conclusions

    Ultimately you have probably read the most thorough and extensive guide on the best desktop computer cases around the web.

    We hope you liked the article and we invite you to share it on social networks and continue following us to support the effort of the team who, I remind you, is committed to advise you on the best solution for your purchases.

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