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Many people drive throughout the day for various reasons: some need to travel to work, others live far away and others drive basically because they like it and feel free.

A great reality is that you should not be distracted by your mobile phone while driving . That's why different apps have been created to achieve a perfect driving experience without having to stop using your mobile phone.

At Gamerslance we want to show you the best alternatives to Android Auto so that you can get to know other similar platforms that offer a similar or better service than this popular platform. If you don't want to give up your mobile phone while driving... this is what you want!

What are the problems with Android Auto?

Android Auto is without a doubt an ideal application for driving, since it adapts the screen of our Android mobile phone to be able to use it in the car without any impediment through our voice.

Several people are looking for alternatives to Android Auto, but why? Here we explain the most common errorsof Android Auto.

  • Few applications can be linked
  • Few voice commands available
  • Not available in all countries

For all these reasons, at Gamerslance we wanted to look for other applications similar to Android Auto that would help us facilitate our driving experience without leaving our mobile phone behind. If you want to know them, don't hesitate to read this article.

The best alternatives to Android Auto

Currently there is some competition in the market related to this type of applications since the mobile phone has become an indispensable element for us and we find it difficult to separate ourselves from it. That's why, here we leave you a list with the best alternatives to Android Auto.

Let's get started!


We start with one of the most known and popular alternatives: Drivemode.

It's an application that allows us to use our own voice to perform different actions while we have our hands on the wheel: change songs, call someone...

The application also offers voice responses to messages that we can receive while driving freely on thousands of roads.

Advantages of Drivemode:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • A minimalist user interface perfect for use in vehicles
  • Route tips

Android Auto Reviews [Rating of 4.8/5]

  • "Perfect app while driving. I think it's a very complete platform." , Rebecca.
  • "I can change my song as many times as I want without getting distracted!" , Ramon.
  • "Everything's perfect. It never fails in my car." Mariela.

Car Home Ultra

Car Home Ultra is a car base application that makes it easy to use your phone and applications while driving.

It is a shortcut dock and also displays useful information while driving. Its functions are multiple since with this platform we can control the reproduction of music, indicate a route...

This app stands out for its method of customization.

Advantages of Car Home Ultra

  • It has day mode and night mode where the colors of the design are changed from light to dark
  • Customizable data panel
  • Configuration of 18 shortcuts

Car Home Ultra Reviews [4.3/5]

  • "Very good app and customizable" , Martha.
  • "I put the app to my taste, I like it very much." , Juan.
  • "Everything is perfect." , Maria.

Carspot Ready

Carspot Ready allows you to control much of your mobile device while driving with great attention. A great new feature of this platform is that it allows you to create a Wi-fi access point to share with your fellow travelers or to perform other actions that require a Wi-fi connection.

Advantages of Carspot Ready

  • It will remind you of where the car has been parked
  • You can consult a history of mileage, time and trajectory
  • Wi-fi sharing option

Carspot Ready opinions [Rating 4.7/5]

  • "I love it. The option of always having Wi-fi is ideal, especially when you travel." , Lucia.
  • "Very cool and useful," Jose.
  • "Perfect. Very detailed information," Jesus.


Autozen is a very new and recent application. Like all the platforms explained in this article, the purpose of Autozen is that its users can enjoy their most used apps on their mobile while driving, but without taking their attention off the wheel.

This application offers shortcuts to the most essential apps such as phone, multimedia or messages.

Another great new feature of Autozen is that it can read al oud notifications and even has the option of autoresponder with message to let your contacts know you're driving.

Autozen benefits

  • Great possibility of personalization
  • Voice commands for answering messages
  • Large buttons for easy viewing

Autozen opinions [Rating 4.3/5]

  • "App" is pretty accurate. I like the autoresponder option." Toni.
  • "Although it's a new app and lacks development, it looks great." , Ricard.
  • "It's the cane! , Helena.

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