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Randonautica is an application available for Android and iOS. Its purpose is to have fun and experience new adventures.

What this application does is to search for "energy points" near your current location.

The places chosen in the app depend on what you want to look for (love, people, surprise...), that is, the user's intention.

The app also asks for the goal of the location (dark place, treasure...) which will be the place the adventurer wants to find.

This platform is becoming very popular among teenagers, since this application can transmit some curiosity among them.

Currently, there are different alternatives to Randonautica that allow the user to experience and feel the intrigue as a true adventurer.

Therefore, at Gamerslance we will present you all the alternativesto Randonautica.

What problems does Randonautica present?

  • Errors when activating the location
  • Author of application unknown
  • Errors with GPS

If you have had any experience with Randonautica, it is likely that these mistakes are somewhat familiar to you. If you want to change your platform, Gamerslance presents a list of the best alternatives to Rand onautica.

The best alternatives to Randonautica


First of all, we will present an app very similar to Randonautica. Geocahing, available in Android and iOs, tries to find treasures near your location. This platform is very easy to use and you can find very interesting things.

It is free to download, but with a premium version.

Advantages of Geocahing

  • There are rules when it comes to finding treasures to make the platform more secure
  • Easy to use
  • Offline lists

Opinions from Geocaching [Rating 4.2/5]

  • "All right, this app is very cool for a good time." Celia.

  • "I love these apps, I've already found four treasures in my city. , John

  • "Cool, creative and original app" , Martha.


Sentence is a mysteryadventure with a few gameplay touches.

The story of the game is very simple: a man is accused of murder. Once there, you can call on different characters to find out what happened and how to solve it.

But... be careful! If you don't find a solution, the evidence will go directly to you and you can end up in prison.

A perfect game for those users who like intrigue, research and living like a true adventurer.

Advantages of Sentence

  • Original and very dynamic game
  • Free
  • Creative and modern illustrations

Opinions of Sentence [ Rating 4.7/5]

  • "Very cool. It looks like Clue but through a cell phone. ", Anna

  • "Creative and dynamic gameplay and, without leaving home! Pedro.
  • "Very good idea," Martina.

Adventure Lab

Adventure Lab allows its users to explore, discover and learn by playing interactive location-based games and scavenger hunts.

Once downloaded this application, available for Android and iOS, the map will guide your users to places where you can solve puzzles, adventures and stories.

This platform is ideal for having a good time with friends, family and even alone.

Advantages of Adventure Lab

  • Games of all kinds
  • Location validation
  • App available in 29 languages

Adventure Lab Reviews [Rating of 4.8/5]

  • "Everything's perfect. Very cool and original." , Rosa.
  • "Very entertaining for a good time with family or friends," Ander.
  • "I like the dynamic of this app," Nina.

Ghost Tube

Ghost Tube is an application which uses theactual sensors of the mobile device to detect fluctuations in electromagnetic energy, electronic voice phenomena and capture camera appearances .

It is currently one of the safest paranormal applications.

Advantages of Ghost Tube

  • Electromagnetic field detector
  • Phantom dictionary in more than 20 languages
  • Customizable masks and filters to enhance and personalize your paranormal videos.

Reviews of Ghost Tube [Rating 4.2/5]

  • "A perfect app if you like the paranormal world," Susan.
  • "Very safe application." Carlos.
  • "Very professional," Raquel.

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