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Every day we keep a lot of files on our devices. WeTransferis ideal for those users who need or want to share their files to clients, acquaintances, friends, family ... quickly and easily.

If you are interested in this type of platform, from Gamerslance we will present you a list of alternatives to WeTransferthat will surely not leave you indifferent.

What problems does WeTransfer present?

  • After a few days, the content uploaded to the platform is automatically removed
  • Some users doubt their safety
  • To send content of more than 2GB we have to contract the Pro version.

If after seeing this series of errors that harm the perfect functioning of WeTransfer you want to look for an alternative, from Gamerslance we will show you a list with the best alternatives to WeTransfer.

The best alternatives to WeTransfer

From Gamerslance wepresent you a list with the best alternatives to WeTransferand what each one of them is about.

Don't miss it!

Google Drive

Surely, Google Drive is known to be one of the cloud storage applications of the moment.

This platform allows us a free service of up to 15 GB of space. In addition, it is multiplatform, since it can run on any device.

This application is perfect for those users who do not want to run out of space on their computer.

Advantages of Google Drive

  • You do not depend on any computer to use it, as it is compatible with all devices.
  • All employees have access to it at all times.
  • Translator with 53 languages.

Google Drive Reviews [Rating 4.8/5]

  • "It's always my favorite app to share," Nerea
  • "Undoubtedly the safest platform of all" Ernesto.
  • "She's perfect" Juan.


Secondly, Dropbox is also one of the best known applications in the world of storage.

It is a tool that allows you to have a virtual hard drive on the web where you can upload files of all kinds.

It is compatible with iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, Linux and Blackberry. Its free version will allow you to enjoy 2GB of storage so you can send whatever you want. You also have the option to create your own image gallery.

Benefits of Dropbox

  • Easy to use
  • Works without an Internet connection
  • Segura

Dropbox Reviews [Rating of 4.7/5]

  • "Perfect, I use it often." , Maria.
  • "I love it, it's ideal." Núria.
  • "Everything is perfect" Berta.


4Shared is an application that allows you to share all kinds of files with anyone you want: photos, videos, texts, audios, games, software... quickly and easily.

This platform allows you to create several folders to organize your files and you can also limit who can see your files. It offers us 5GB of free storage.

It is currently recognized as one of the best alternatives of WeTransfer.

Advantages of 4Shared

  • No spam
  • Search and download content easily
  • Insurance

4Shared's opinions [rating of 4.8/5]

  • "My favorite storage app" Monica.
  • "Very top." , Daniel.
  • "She's great." Nina.


OneDrive is known as Microsoft's cloud service. It is one of the most secure platforms for sharing files in the cloud.

This app allows you to store and protect your files and, at the same time, share them with whoever you want.

In addition, OneDrive offers direct integration with other services such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

OneDrive benefits

  • You can access it from any device
  • Safe storage
  • Constant updates

OneDrive Reviews [rating of 4.6/5]

  • "Perfect and safe" , Pedro.
  • "Everything is perfect." Ylenia.
  • "I love it." Karen.

Transfer XL

Transfer XL stands out because of its high transfer speed and at the same time allows us to share files of up to 5GB for free.

With this platform you can get a fast data transmission and a transfer history.

Advantages of TransferXL

  • Allows direct sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • It has the same advantages as WeTransfer
  • Very fast

Reviews of Transfer XL [Rating of 4.6/5]

  • "It's going great." , Rosa.
  • "Everything's perfect, very fast," Yurena.
  • "I think it's very top," Juan.

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