BioniX P120 A-RGB • ARCTIC fan bundle review

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Looking for a pc fan bundle that makes available to a wide range of colors?

Le Bionix P120 A-RGB could be for you!

This set consisting of 3 x 120mm fans provides good compatibility with all types of systems, so don't worry if your PC gets a little dated.

However, it is important to point out right away that, as these are fans ARGB, we will absolutely have to verify that we have the connector ARGB on our motherboard (it is present in all the latest generation cards at least mid-range) if we want to use them in mode ARGB.

BioniX P120 A-RGB • Technical specifications

As mentioned earlier this bundle consists of 3 x 120mm fans all equipped with operating technology A-RGB.

It is also stated by Arctic that these work in a speed range between 400 and 2300 RPM managing to generate an airflow of 81.55 m³ / h and a static pressure of 2,1 mm / H2O.

I fully understand that this information is complicated to interpret, so I will explain in other words: the Bionix P120 they move a sufficient amount of air and are excellent for use both in inlet / outlet in a PC case and on cooling systems with radiators.

The control of fans is clearly PWM and consequently the operating intensity can be adjusted from the specific curve in bios.

Le Bionix P120 A-RGB finally, they come with a 6-year guarantee.

Being a ARGB fan bundle, these will also be equipped with a special controller which will be used to power them and manage the play of light (we will see later how and through which connectors).

BioniX P120 A-RGB • Performance e benchmark

BioniX P120 A-RGB • Package contents and unboxing

The box is presented in a very organized and good-looking way. It contains all the cables or accessories necessary for a simple and intuitive installation.

Inside the package we find:

  • 3x Bionix P120 ARGB
  • 24x standard and radiator mounting screws (12 + 12)
  • x4 pad
  • x1 A-RGB controller + remote control
  • x2 cavo FAN to FAN (o x2 FAN to FAN blocks)
  • x1 FAN to contoller cable
  • x1 MOBO to controller cable
  • x1 MOBO to FAN cable

We will be able to use the fans in RGB function without going through the controller if our motherboard does not have the appropriate connector.

Otherwise, the standard installation involves connecting the ARGB controller to the motherboard.

Finally, we can not connect the controller and use the remote control for remote control (less elegant solution among those listed so far).

BioniX P120 A-RGB • Build quality and aesthetics

With regard to the constructive quality and more generally the appearance of these Bionix P120 A-RGB, we were pleasantly surprised.

Arctic has shown for the umpteenth time that there is a reason if it represents one of the most renowned and reliable brands in the field of PC cooling.

The fans are well built, solid and resistant. But they don't sin from the point of view of aesthetics, where I find that we are very captivating and suitable for flashy PC configurations.

Perhaps the only flaw: the thickness of the fans. Maybe slightly more than we would have expected.

The plays of light are really numerous and we believe they cover the whole range of possible scenarios that a user wants to create.

The lighting itself is powerful, clear and faithful to the colors selected by the software. Animations make these between ARGB fans most interesting that can be found on the market.

BioniX P120 A-RGB • Conclusions

Le Bionix P120 A-RGB, of which we clearly suggest the purchase exclusively in their version bundle are among the most beautiful and interesting fans we have had the pleasure of reviewing.

Their price is approx 55 €, therefore perfectly in line with the competition.

Purchase is recommended!

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