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If you end up on this page, it looks like you want to buy the game or find the price of Minecraft. On this page you will find all the information for buy minecraft on computer, console and mobile at best price.


Buy Minecraft on PC

Buy on Windows, Mac and Linux

Before buying the game, you should remember some information:

  • The current price of the Minecraft game is € 23,95 (or equivalent).
  • Once the game has been purchased, you will not have to pay anything more. There is no monthly subscription and additional content (at least on PC).
  • The purchase on the official website is very secure.
  • If you have already purchased the PC version, you can get Minecraft Windows 10 for free
  • The means of payment are as follows: Credit card, Paypal, Bank card, Paysafecard, JCB, Diners, UnionPlay or Discover.

Time required: 4 minutes.

Buy Minecraft game on PC

  1. To buy Minecraft, you will need to start by creating a Mojang account

    Enter your email address and password

  2. Enter your date of birth and click on “Create an account”

    You don't have to be an adult

  3. You will receive a code on the email address you provided

    Retrieve the code then enter it in the "Verification code" field

  4. Now that your account is validated, log in

    You must sign in from the email address on which you want to buy Minecraft

  5. Fill in the nickname you will use in Minecraft and the payment options

    Remember to ask your parents for permission if you are a minor! After that you can install Minecraft.

As for the Windows 10 version, you can also find it with our partner.

Minecraft Price on Console

Are you more of a controller than mouse and keyboard and want to buy Minecraft Premium for game consoles and know the price? Follow the following links:

  • Xbox One pour 19,99 € / Starter Collection Xbox One / Master Collection Xbox One
  • Xbox 360 for €18,99
  • PlayStation 4 for €18,99
  • PlayStation 3 for €18,99
  • PlayStation Vita for €18,99
  • Wii U for €29,99
  • Switch pour 29,99 €
  • New 3DS for €29,99

You can find all these games in boxed version in the shops of your usual retailers.

Buy Minecraft on Mobile

Do you want to buy Minecraft for your mobile and know the price? Follow the following links:

  • iOS for €6,99
  • Android for €6,99
  • Windows Phone: available by purchasing the Windows 10 or console version
  • Kindle Fire pour 6,99 €
  • Gear VR pour 6,99 €
  • Fire TV for €6,99

Gift Minecraft to a friend

Finally, if you just want to buy a Minecraft account for a friend, this time you will need to buy it through Amazon and then exchange Minecraft for an activation code. The price remains the same. You will have the choice between sending the code to the person concerned directly by email or receiving it to give them yourselves.

? What is the price of Minecraft?

Depending on the platforms, the game is at a different price. The Java version for PC and Mac costs €23,95. Visit our site to see other prices.

? What platforms can you buy Minecraft on?

You can play Minecraft on: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox one and 360, Playstation 3, 4, 5 and Vita, Wii U, Switch, New 3 DS, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Gear VR and Fire TV.

? What are the differences between the different versions of Minecraft on the platforms?

You will not find all the features in the different versions of Minecraft:

Now that you know how to buy Minecraft, find out how to download Minecraft and how to install Minecraft.

All links in this article are affiliate links, we will receive a commission if you buy a product.

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