Chromecast and Google Home play the same music

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Good news for all those who have several connected bigG-branded devices within their home: it is now possible to include products from the range in the same group chromecast and those of the line Google Home, so as to synchronize music playback within a configuration audio multiroom.

Chromecast e Home per l'audio multiroom

It should be noted that the possibility was already offered to those in possession of Chromecast Audio, the small dongle for music streaming launched in 2015, while it was denied for all models with HDMI output to be connected to the TV, including the most recent one announced at the beginning of October. . Now things change. The only requirement at the moment if you want to put a Chromecast inside a group for synchronized listening to the songs in each room consists of having activated the Preview program: to do this, simply open the Home application, select the device and finally enable the option as in the screenshot below.

Once this is done, always inside theHome application, select the "Add" button, then "Create speaker group" and finally the speakers from the list shown, among which, as you can see below, there is now also a Chromecast with HDMI output.

We've put the new feature to the test, but not everything seems to be going well yet. Two i problems found: there is a slight lag between the audio reproduced by the Google Home speaker and that of the TV with Chromecast (a few fractions of a second, but enough to notice it) and during playback on the TV no indication of the track being played is shown, while according to what was reported for example by XDA-Developers, the name of the song and the cover image should appear in a corner of the screen.

Imperfections that will in all probability be filed by Google with the release of an upcoming update. Finally, we point out that at the moment the feature does not seem to guarantee support for other devices equipped with the cast technology (we tested with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV set-top box).

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