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If you have saved video files or movies on your computer, surely you are wondering how you can see these contents directly on your home TV, without necessarily having to burn a DVD. There are several ways to connect PC to TV, wired or wireless, to watch movies and videos stored locally on the computer itself.

Today things have become even easier to do thanks to two tools we want to talk about in this article. The two tools we refer to are:

1. Google ChromeCast: it is a kind of internet key that is connected to the HDMI port of your TV and allows you to "communicate" wirelessly with your computer. Google ChromeCast has a cost of only € 35 (also available on Amazon) and was created to “gimme” directly on TV the contents displayed both on PC and on Tablet or smartphone. It does not allow you to send those contents (videos or movies or music) saved locally on your computer to the TV. To fill this "lack", however, just use the Dream Stream program described below.

2. Video Converter Ultimate (Media Server): is a powerful program that allows you to establish a wireless connection between PC and TV to watch ANY movie or video on the big TV screen. There is no need for wires or special configurations and the video playback quality is excellent and without delays.

3. If you have a recent PC with Windows 10 and a recent Smart TV then read how to project PC screen to Smart TV via Wi-Fi

How MEDIA SERVER Works to Connect PC to TV Wirelessly to Watch Movies

Media Server is the first application that allows you to connect PC and TV wirelessly to view your local multimedia contents. Here are the links to download the demo version or the required version of the "Full" version


Here's how it works:

Can I watch a DVD that runs on the PC on the smart TV?

  • How to see from PC to TV TV How to do thanks

  • i installed copme from instyruzioni wondershare video converter but i can't transmit movies to tvf, connect error message keeps appearing. i checked that both mil pc and tv are connected to the same wi-fi network. where am i wrong? Thanks

  • hello I have a mac and the tele does not have wifi but I attached the tim vision how can I connect them


  • I have chromecast cod 5901 connected to the pc I have downloaded the program described above and done everything according to the instructions but the program does not detect my chromecast why and the drop-down menu does not appear where you can choose why?

    • Make sure PC and Chromecast are present under the same wifi network. If the device does not appear in the drop-down menu, it means that one of the two devices is not connected to the network.

  • My LG connects to the PC without any other tool, let's say that sometimes it disconnects, but I don't use anything to see what is on the PC (photo-video) the two devices can see by themselves, sharing is enough for me.

  • I don't have a Smart TV but a normal Samsung 32 full HD Cromecast is fine anyway? Is it possible to view the movies saved on the pc?
    Thank you

  • I would like to understand better.
    In the article it is mentioned that PC AND SMART TV MUST BE UNDER THE SAME Wi-Fi NETWORK ...
    My question is:
    having no wi-fi network, with this key can I show what I see on the screen of my notebook on the TV?

    • No, it is not possible ... it takes a wifi network to which both are connected

  • good morning,
    maybe it has already been written but I could not find it ... which application can I use to see the movies that I have archived with .avi extension without having to convert them to .mp4?

    thank you

  • hi my pc detectachromecast but it comes out when connecting connect error can you help me please I have the free version

  • But can you also watch streaming programs such as movies or games?

    • The tutorial in the article refers to the video / audio files saved locally on the PC ...
      To watch streaming programs you can use the Google Chrome extension called vGet Extension (DLNA)
      An article about it will go live in a few days (

  • My desktop computer is connected via ETH cable to the fastweb modem.
    The modem is equipped with wifi.
    is it possible for me to be able to see the computer on the tv via Chromecast?

    • Yes, it is possible. Use the program recommended in the article and make sure that both the computer and Chromecast are under the same wi-fi network

  • please can you tell me how many "google chome cast" keys i need to buy one or two to connect
    pc / tv thanks I'm not very experienced !!!!!

    • Just one is enough ...

      • I would like to know if it is possible to connect my desktop pc, having the wireless network, to the tv with the crome cast.
        What can I see only resident multimedia contents or even everything that appears on my pc?
        Windows 8.
        Thanks to those who want to help me.

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