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Covet fashion is a fashion game developed and distributed by CrowdStar in which the player can enjoy the current fashion with his own style and expand his wardrobe. It was officially launched in November 2013.

Rating: NOTE
Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Fashion
Players: One player
Launch date: November 12, 2013

Trailer of Covet Fashion + Images of the game

You think you have great style? Show it off in Covet Fashion, the No. 1 fashion game! Create the virtual wardrobe of your dreams as you shop and discover the clothes and brands you like, as well as being recognised for your style with incredible prizes. Here’s the official trailer for the game so you can start watching it

Transform your virtual model’s image with fabulous clothing and accessories from real brands and hundreds of unique hair and makeup styles. You can win exclusive prizes by designing outfits for different style challenges and vote for your favourite looks from millions of other people. Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it:

How to get Money and Diamonds in Covet Fashion

As with most mobile games, you’ll need a number of resources in order to move forward and be the best. In this game, these resources are money and diamonds. Thanks to them you will be able to expand your wardrobe all you want with luxury pieces and be the best in the challenges. Below we explain how to win these resources for free:

  • You can earn money if you perform the daily challenges that the game poses and collect the reward
  • You’ll win diamonds by watching commercials
  • If you download other applications (indicated by the game) you will also be rewarded
  • Visiting certain websites will get you diamonds.
  • With the platform Gums Up you can get money and diamonds for free for Covet Fashion.

Free resource generator for Covet Fashion

Resource generators are used to obtain resources for practically any game at no cost to the playerr. You can find many generators on the Internet that can help you get resources, but some do not provide the expected result to the user. We recommend you to use a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate money and diamonds for Covet Fashion without any problem.

Guide to Getting Money and Diamonds at Covet Fashion

Surely on the internet you can find very useful information to get money and diamonds for Covet Fashion. However, you must bear in mind that much of that information is based on the use of hacks (which is preferable that you do not use). For that same reason, we provide a video explaining how to legally obtain these resources:

What is the use of Money and Diamonds in Covet Fashion?

As we have mentioned before, money and diamonds are the most important resources in the game as thanks to them you can get everything you need in the game and be able to succeed in challenges. In addition, it will give you other benefits that will make you enjoy the game more. Here are some of these benefits:

  • The money will help you buy more clothes and accessories and expand your wardrobe
  • Diamonds can help you by giving you advantages, for example, they can be converted into money if you need it.
  • You can play freely and experiment better with the game
  • You’ll have an advantage in challenges by having more clothes

Basic guide to playing Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences that will be very easy to understand. In addition, the game itself helps you and indicates the steps at the beginning of the game, so there are no complications. Even so, we provide you with a basic guide to see how to play the game and make it easier for you to get started.

Covet Fashion analysis

Covet Fashion is a game that has captivated fashion fans since its inception until now. That’s because of its dynamics and great gameplay. It is very entertaining and gives you total freedom to create your favorite outfits to your own taste. However, there are some negative points to consider. Here is an analysis of it:

  • Very entertaining and addictive
  • You can make your own outfits
  • You can buy and you win a trip
  • You play with real clothing brands, which makes it more realistic.


  • Hard to get money at first
  • The prettiest dresses are too expensive
  • It’s hard to get diamonds and there are many gifts that only work with diamonds

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