Crucial Ballistix Review - The Gaming RAM!

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Looking for RAM da Gaming or for productivity that they are extremely reliable?

Today I will introduce you to the Crucial Ballistix new version, presented at CES2020, reviewed directly by team at!

Crucial Ballistix Review - The Gaming RAM!

Crucial it's a brand which has now earned a rightful place among the "memory merchants" in recent years.

It has gone from an emerging company to consecrate its success in sales in a very short time and these new releases only confirm how much the success curve of this brand has not yet reached its maximum point.

In fact, if before the Crucial memory they could have some defects from an aesthetic point of view, which did not allow them to make the leap in quality from 90 to 100, now this problem no longer exists.

Le Crucial Ballistix submitted to CES2020 they are elegant, simple and very performing.

I chip installed on them leave no way out: in addition to being equipped with XMP technology 2.0 these were meant for Gaming ed overclock (for the more geeks).

Le Crucial Ballistax are then present in denominations of all sizes: you can buy 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB.

All at frequencies that even reach i 3600 Mhz in the case of standard memories ei 4400Mhz in the case of the version MAX, not covered in this guide.

These are present in different colors: black, red and white.

However, a version is also available RGB very elegant of these memory.

Obviously these banks are perfectly compatible with both AMD and Intel gaming configurations.

This product is destined to become the new best-buy under the chip RAM per Gaming and for configurations also intended for productivity due to the excellent quality / price ratio that these possess in comparison to some other slightly more expensive proposal of other brands.

We tested them for about two weeks and we didn't have any problems: once the ram banks were installed, they immediately jumped to 3600 Mhz after activating theXMP da BIOS.

Furthermore, no problem concerning dissipation: the metal body seems to do its job very well.

We are sure that in a very short time these Ballistix they will become the memory standard for those who want to assemble a gaming pc.

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