Cyberpunk 2077: Should you return Skippy? - Machine gun mission guide

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From GamersLance, we want to answer you if you should return Skippy? in Cyberpunk 2077. In this Video Game, we will help you know what to do with this Weapon, more specifically the Skippy Pistol. You have to remember that Cyberpunk 2077 can be played on Xbox One and PlayStation 5 (among others), we explain everything in the post.

Should you return Skippy to Regina?

After having Skippy for a few days, you learn that his original owner is actually Regina, the NCPD repairwoman you've been in contact with for some time. Machine Gun Quest requires you to visit Regina regardless of your decision, so you must do that first. It's in a building near the Lizzie bar.

Once you've come face to face with Regina, it's time to choose. You can either leave and take Skippy with you or give him to Regina. Leaving obviously allows you to keep the gun, but Regina will reward you with around $7000 if you return it. While your personal attachment to the gun may play a role in your decision, your choice will probably depend on Skippy mode. When you first meet him, he asks you if you want him to be in Stone Cold Killer mode or Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode. The former makes Skippy achieve headshots easily, while the latter allows him to aim only at the legs of his enemies.

The problem is thatSkippy automatically switches modes after getting 50 kills and there is no way to undo this change. The weapon is incredibly powerful in Stone Cold Killer mode due to the ease of headshots, so it's worth keeping Skippy away if you're still in that mode. If you've entered Puppy-Loving Pacifist mode, you're better off giving him the cash reward. Besides, there are other great weapons anyway.

Where can you play Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk2077is now available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. A next-gen version of the game is currently in development for PS5 and Xbox X and S Series.

Frequently asked questions and answers

The only way to "stay" with Skippy is to simply leave this job parked for as long as you wish, but once you complete it say goodbye to your friend.
29 Jan two thousand and twenty-two

To locate Skippy, you must visit a side job in the Vista Del Ray part of the Heywood district of Night City.
It may appear as an undiscovered site on your map until such time as you visit the area.
5 Feb two thousand twenty-one

It can be purchased from the weapon store in the center of town for sixty-one and five hundred and ninety-three coins.
13 dec two thousand and twenty

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