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From June 29, Klee's banner gives way to Kazuha. She takes the weapon banner with her. The new character banner will be available for 3 weeks, as will the weapon banner!

We come back right away to everything there is to know!

Banner and arrival of Kazuha

The first banner highlights Kazuha, Anemo swordsman who seems more support oriented. We feel a slight redundancy with the other An茅mos and we see in him a meltin pot of Jean, Venti and Sucrose. To see if this mix will make it a must have or a skip.

Bennett, Razor and Rosalia will accompany him. Bennett and Razor being two excellent 4 stars, the banner is therefore rather very correct as a whole.

trial dungeon

The Trial Dungeon will contain Kazuha (20 Prime Gems) as well as Bennett, Razor, and Rosalia which will allow you to earn Enhancement Ores, Moras, and Adventurer's Advice.

Banner of arms

The Atlas of the Vault of Azure and the new "Oath of Freedom" will be the 5 stars highlighted during this banner. The Atlas has already proven itself and even if the ode to the 4 winds is superior, the Atlas remains a very good weapon. The Oath of Freedom, on the other hand, is a rather complicated weapon to place and will probably only please Kazuha.

At the 4-star level, it's the return of lightning and the dead end tracker, but not much more.

The weapon banner is therefore quite weak this time.

And you, are you going to pull over?

Does Kazuha tempt you?

Does a new weapon to equip this Kazuha or pass your Keqing electro-bending sound like a good idea?

Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments or to come and discuss the quality of these banners on Discord!

And if you want gacha tips, this guide is for you!

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