List of Doom Eternal Missions - Levels and Campaign Duration

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From Gamerslance we want to offer you all the information about the best video game for pc about hell. The demon will get into your computer with Doom eternal. We will show you the complete list of missions.

Complete list of Doom Eternal missions

There are 13 missions in total in Doom Eternal, and each of them is listed below.

  • Mission 1: Hell on Earth: Your first task as a demon hunter is to kill the first three zombies in the starting area with your combat rifle. Exit this room and turn left to go down the stairs, killing the few zombies there and pick up the chainsaw.
  • Mission 2: Exultia: Use your wall climbing ability to cross the broken bridge, then shoot the red barrels to quickly kill the zombies lurking in the next room. After reaching the next platform, hit the wall and turn right to find your first fighting encounter in the second mission.
  • Mission 3: Cultist Base: In the battle after obtaining the Super Shotgun, kill all the enemies to make the poles appear. Use the poles, double jump and jump in the air to reach the platform in the center of the room.
  • Mission 4: DOOM Hunter Base: At the top of the cylinder, from the climbable wall before the jump, climb to the top to find the code.
  • Mission 5: Super Gore Nest: In the area with the giant battle there is a crack in the wall to the left of the main platform, jump and hit this spot to reach the code.
  • Mission 6: Arc Complex: After fighting the demons and going up some elevators, after jumping to the next building in a hole in front of you you will find the secret.
  • Mission 7: Mars Core: In the room full of tentacles, enter the room on the right.
  • Mission 8: Sentinel Prime: This is where the hell priest Grav is hiding, in this ancient city where the great Slayer was once king.
  • Mission 9: Taras nabad: Immediately after the second swimming part, take the hallway to the left instead of going straight for the mission. After revealing the secret encounter go left from where you started the fight.
  • Mission 10: Nekravol: After using the first switch and passing the second set of traps go down the hole on the side of the room where there are moving cages to access the hidden area.
  • Mission 11: Nekravol - Part II: Don't jump down the tunnel immediately, jump onto the platform and look in the right corner to see a destructible wall.
  • Mission 12: Urdak: After activating the second ring, don't turn around immediately, but walk around it to the left to find a destructible wall.
  • Mission 13: The Final Sin: The great Icon of Hell is roaming the Earth. It's time to finish the job.

As you battle the hordes of Hell throughout the Doom Eternal campaign, you will come across many hidden collectibles such as Sentinel Batteries, Sentinel Crystals and Runes. You'll also find various weapon modifications that drastically improve the functionality of the game's extensive arsenal, modifying everything from crossbows to super shotguns. If 13 missions aren't enough to satisfy your desire for tears and tears, you can always check out Battlemode's innovative new multiplayer mode, which pits one Doomslayer against two player-controlling demons with different abilities.

How many levels are there in Doom Eternal?

As we said earlier, there are 13 total levels in Doom Eternal. However, there are also additional levels called master levels, which are remixed versions of existing campaign levels, with new challenges to overcome. Currently, there are only two master levels in Doom Eternal. The first is the Arc Complex, which is available to all players after completing this story mission. The second is the Cultist base, which is only available to those who have pre-ordered the game. More master levels will arrive after the game's release, so Doom Eternal's level list will surely grow further.

Doom Eternal campaign length

Roughly speaking, DOOM Eternal's single-player campaign is longer than that of the 2016 reboot. The previous title required an average of 12 hours to complete, a total that could easily verge on 25 hours if you were aiming for 100%. The campaign of the new chapter of DOOM, on the other hand, settles at 16/18 hours, in turn bordering on 25 hours when aiming for completionism.

Of course, the difficulty chosen, the style and pace of play of each player vary the completion time, but overall, DOOM Eternal in terms of longevity does not seem to be too far from the previous title released in 2016. The title is certainly longer, but it does not present an exaggerated longevity for its genre.

We remind you that DOOM Eternal is now available on platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC (via Steam and Bethesda Launcher). As for the Nintendo Switch version, we will have to wait a little longer and at the moment we do not have a better specified release date.

Frequently asked questions and answers

There are thirteen missions to complete.
The game's levels are extensive and most of them will require an hour of pure gameplay to fill.
Filling each and every one of the quest challenges, filling each and every one of the optional battles and locating one hundred percent of the secrets can extend the play time to roughly eighteen-twenty-two hours.

Complete list of Doom Eternal missions.
There are thirteen missions in sum in Doom Eternal, and each of them is listed now.

Sentinel Prime is one of the shorter levels in Doom Eternal, so if you're suffering somewhat from collectibles fatigue, this is a huge respite.
It's about a level to introduce players to the story of Doom Guy.

Compilation of frequently asked questions that our users have sent us and that our experts have answered.

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