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From GamersLance, we want to give you information on how to earn money on PayPal for free, at least from Spain, thanks to advertising, watch a video, play games, download applications .... The only thing you will need is to have an Internet network so you can enter the website that we will recommend and do the steps indicated. DISCOVER THEM HERE!

Earning free Paypal money is easier with Gamers Lance! Now you can participate in any of our advertising campaigns and we will reward you, you will be able to redeem the money in PayPal. With Gamers Lance you will be able to earn money on the Internet so that your free time will help your family economy. Then, do whatever you want! Buy the digital product that interests you the most, or keep it in your pocket: whatever it is, just download our App to start your way to your money goal.


The following apps are for earning money, either by selling things, walking, with rebates, rewards for giving your opinion, answering surveys, walking dogs...
  • Satispay.
  • Vinted.
  • Google Opinion Rewards.
  • Poll Pay.
  • BeMyEye.
  • Rover - Dog sitting and walking.
  • WeWard.
  • Sweatcoin Pedometro Contapassi.
The money you earn through these applications, you can transfer to PayPal and so you will have it available on this platform. Likewise, you can always make a transfer to your daily bank account, but it will take about a week to arrive.

EARN money on the go with WeWard!


To start earning money immediately with PayPal, you need to know all the tools at your disposal. Once you have decided which one is the most suitable for you, either one or all of them, you will just have to have the initiative to try.

Let's see in detail what are the 4 best sites to receive money on PayPal and understand the potential of each of them.

Toluna is a very interesting portal that allows all Internet users to give their opinion in exchange for money.
You don't need much, just a little patience to fill in the surveys and a stable Internet connection and you will be able to participate immediately in many market studies, test products before they come on the market, a simple and fun way to earn money thanks to PayPal.
Registration on the site is completely free and easy to complete and opens a path of possibilities where companies and brands offer paid surveys, simply by giving your opinion you can then accumulate points to be converted into money to be sent to PayPal for free.
This site also offers the possibility to earn 250 euros extra for each survey and many opportunities to earn extra points.
If you want to supplement your salary in your spare time, Toluna is one of the best opportunities you can take advantage of.

ySense is a site very similar to Toluna and connects companies and brands looking for market opinions with Internet users. This site allows you to generate PayPal earnings through many methods.
The platform has been around for many years and used to be known as Clixsense. It has recently changed its name, but its function remains intact.
Users have several possibilities, such as: Participation in surveys. This is the easiest and fastest way to generate earnings and is also the largest within the site, or you can take offers, contests, companies and brands through the platform will put very general offers that provide a payment in exchange for downloading an application, for example, perform tasks.
These tasks are small jobs that the platform wants you to complete for certain companies, by doing so you get points to redeem for money that you can send to PayPal for free.
The last way to earn money on PayPal with Ysense is to create an affiliate program.
Although more slowly the ySense affiliate program allows you to earn money every time you get a user to register on the site, every time you perform a task or perform an operation on the platform who generated the first contact and registration will receive a percentage.

Fiverr opens up a whole world of possibilities for those who have specific skills to bring into play. This platform allows you to register for free and start offering a service to users who decide to buy it.
If you are a graphics expert, for example, it will be possible to put your skills at the service of websites, freelancers and other freelancers like you, and the same if you are a site builder, copywriter and much more.
Whatever skills you have, Fiverr takes care of showcasing them and opening up a potentially endless window for anyone who needs them.
With a very simple and intuitive method you will be able to establish what you can do, in how much time and especially at what price, and launch your own service on the Fiverr network.
This is precisely the strength of the platform, which over the years has carved out an excellent position in the international arena: here supply and demand meet and create excellent earning opportunities.
Thanks to the integrated systems it is also possible, as on Amazon, to review the service purchased and the professionalism of the buyer, thus giving the possibility to receive more and more purchase offers: a truly unique way to open your career as a Freelancer, to gain experience and to acquire contacts and portfolios.

This platform site was born in 2011 and in a short time has established itself as a staple within the market.
Considering Aklamio means opening up opportunities to earn money on PayPal that are worth exploring. Here you can earn money by receiving money with every transaction you make. Very similar to the state cashback Aklamio allows you, if you buy through the platform, to receive part of the amount spent in cashback credited to your PayPal account.
With over 254 stores dedicated exclusively to the Italian market, this site becomes an excellent opportunity to generate extra income, in fact, you will actually save money: the purchases you should have made can now go through the platform and you will receive part of what you spent back.
All you have to do is register for free, go to the "store finder" section and you will have a world of opportunities to take advantage of, then simply click on the Get Cashback button and you are free to shop.
As if that wasn't enough, on Aklamio there is another way to earn money: affiliate marketing, simply by having family, friends and acquaintances buy from you through your link you can earn a percentage of their purchases.
Referral marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business and earn extra income to send to PayPal.
All you have to do is go to the platform and click on "Suggest" to be guided step by step through the affiliate process.


Are you a fan of games, don't mind watching an ad or answering a survey, then this is the App for you! Start earning PayPal money online with us. You know, register in Gamers Lance and start doing different actions like downloading apps, taking surveys or playing games. Remember that you can earn money through this platform directly to your PayPal account.



PayPal is one of the safest payment methods on the Internet. The best online stores allow us to make our payments through PayPal, which has become the real supporter, for example, of crowdfunding projects. The great advantage of making or accepting payments through PayPal is that you know that there is always the possibility of making a claim because until the transaction is completed, the balance is not credited to the destination account. In this way, everyone wins with PayPal.


1. Earn money with surveys
2. BeRuby: get paid for your purchases
3. Get paid just for checking your email with ClickxTi and SumaClicks
4. If you have a Twitter and Facebook account, try Twync
5. GiftHunter Club: a site where making quick money is a breeze!
6. Gatwin
7. If you are a Youtube fan, sign up on Paid2Youtube


Valid for both Android and iOS, the goal is that you use the apps that we propose complying with simple conditions of use, see ads or participate in surveys. All this remunerated in the form of Gums, which will later become interesting rewards.
Logically, the PayPal balance is one of the best rewards offered by Gamers Lance, but there is much more: win gift cards for the Play Store, App Store, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Live or Play Station Network, and with them, you can get apps, books, music, movies and countless games and video games. If the card is not enough you can always finish paying with money.


We are going to give you some other tips on how to earn free Paypal money. One of the best ways to do it is watching videos and, believe it or not, there are some websites that pay you money for watching ads. Of course: you will not become a millionaire but you can earn some extra in those moments when you are bored at home.

The prices that are usually paid for watching videos is 0.0001$ every 3 seconds, therefore, you are NOT going to get rich but you can earn some money for your monthly whims. Of course: the more ads you watch, the more money you will earn. So, if you are at home doing nothing, you can watch ads and earn money in your account.

Another way to optimize your earnings is through a referral program: that is, recommending the sites to family or friends so that they can register and, thus, you also get a %.

Next, we will show you how to earn PayPal money by watching videos, indicating the name of some sites that are perfect for this exchange of time for money. The most reliable ones are the following:

  • Neobux: it was launched in 2008 and, today, it is still one of the safest sites to earn money watching videos and ads online. It is in Spanish so you will not have any problem when navigating the site. In addition to watching ads, you can also generate money by filling out surveys, playing games, and so on.
  • Beruby: is another of the reference websites to earn money by watching ads. In fact, when you register you will see that it has a section to earn money without having to buy before. The website is in Spanish so you will not have any difficulty in navigating it.
  • Gift Hunter Club: and finally, another of the best sites to earn free Paypal money is this one that we mention here. It is in Spanish and has both a website and an App available for Android. You can see ads, but you can also fill out surveys, download apps and all this will be depositing money in your account that will be useful for your end of the month.


It will not cost us anything to find a company that allows us to earn money for free with PayPal, just a quick search on Google will bring up dozens of options. At first many people tend to distrust them, so our first tip is to look for reviews and opinions of other users who have gone through this experience. To prove the reliability of these websites, many users upload proof of payment to their own blog or page, proving that it is not a scam.

Another very important tip when it comes to earning free Paypal money is to be consistent and patient. These are two virtues that should go hand in hand, because on the one hand we will need some time to start noticing the entry of that money in the PayPal account since it is usually necessary to reach a minimum amount to request payments. On the other hand, consistency will allow us to get more money in PayPal.



That's right, registering with PayPal is completely free, all you have to do is enter the necessary data on the website and you will be registered!


How to Receive Money?

Once you have created your account, you will be able to make the transactions you want. Receiving money with PayPal is extremely simple. When you enter the site, go to the "Send & Request" section and click on "Request Money".

You will need to fill in the form that appears on the page and enter the email address of the person who is going to make the payment in the appropriate field. Click "Next" and enter the amount of money you wish to receive in the field that appears. The recipient of the e-mail will link the received request to your PayPal account and proceed with the payment. If you do not have a PayPal profile, you will be invited to register by following the instructions.

Each time a user sends a payment, PayPal will send a notice, also by email. In some cases, it is necessary to accept the payment before it appears in the virtual account: this happens, for example, when you have sent money in an unwanted currency.

Frequently asked questions and answers

As a market research application, Toluna stands out from the crowd because users can get paid in cash with Paypal, and the application offers rewards just for taking surveys.
You can also create your own surveys and earn bonuses.
9 Apr two thousand and twenty-two

Completing surveys.
Performing chores.
Downloading applications and games.
Searching in the Swagbucks browser.
Filling out paid surveys.
Watching videos.
Sharing the app with your friends as referrals.

Go to the inbox of the email account you have registered with Paypal.
Look for the emails that Paypal has sent you.
Enter the email that says "Your gift has arrived".

App Karma.
Poll Pay.

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