ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • The robot vacuum cleaner and scrubber!

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The technology of these three decades has made monstrous progress!

We have applications and devices that do things that we never would have expected before to be able to delegate to pieces of tin.

Il DEEBOT N8 + it's definitely one of those magical tin pieces I just mentioned.

I robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners they are the horizon of automation technology for all our homes.

Today we therefore have the pleasure of talking about the model of ECOVACS that amazed us so much for its potential.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • Package contents

The packing of this DEEBOT N8 + it is certainly bulky and heavy. Logical for a product of this type.

Inside the package we find:

  • Charging and emptying station
  • Cleaning brushes (left and right)
  • Mopping (washing) cloths
  • Disposable bag for additional charging base
  • Instruction Manual

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • The robot that cleans for you!

Il DEEBOT N8 + has different operating modes: one automatic, An A areas and a personalized.

Il robot as we have already mentioned, it provides the suction and washing functions that can then be adjusted during use from the application.

The device has the function of carpet detection which allows you to climb in the less difficult and tall specimens (only if in suction function).

The phase of mopping (floor washing) takes place thanks to a 240ml tank that must be filled with water.

We have also tried to add very little floor detergent (although it is not recommended to do so according to ECOVACS) and we have not encountered any particular problems so far.

Dust bin insertion slot

Il mopping it can be done with a washable cloth or with the 10 disposable cloths supplied (which all in all can also be washed and reused in our opinion).

As for the suction, on the other hand, the tank in the robot has a capacity of 420ml (quite large) and can be easily extracted and emptied (also cleaning the filters).

Container for washing liquid

Otherwise we can take advantage of the self-emptying function at the charging base (rather noisy operation).

However, since the one in the base is a disposable bag, we use it with the automatic emptying deactivated and clear the container present in the robot itself.

Disposable waste bag present in the charging base

Also because the prices of the disposable bags to put in the base are not exactly indifferent. We are talking about over 20 euros for 10 bags.

In our opinion, a very serious flaw in fact was that of not having prepared the recharging base of an empty container instead of adopting disposable solutions (as was done with older vacuum cleaners).

Bottom view of the robot, with brushes, drive wheels, position and fall sensors.

La battery is from 3200 mAh ed ECOVACS declares well 110 minutes of operability (although we do not know with what settings, probably the weakest suction and washing ones).

We have not achieved similar autonomy with intermediate settings.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • Sensors, protections and movement

As for movement and the artificial intelligence related to it, the DEEBOT N8 + it has no particular grain.

It is always able to slip into the most remote places and get out independently.

Carry out a complete cleaning and do not forget to follow any trajectory of its journey.

The fall sensors allow him to stop in time near stairs. The proximity sensors recognize the carpets (on which the robot climbs only in the suction function, if the cloth is not installed) and make it activate the turbo for a deeper suction.

If the robot should get caught in something that does not allow him to work (perhaps because he has a problem with the drive wheels), this is immediately communicated. A small tool is supplied for cleaning the latter.

Camera that allows the robot to orient itself in space

As for everything you need to know about this DEEBOT N8 + il instruction manual supplied it is clear and in Spanish.

There is even a paragraph for solving problems with common problems, possible causes and solutions.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • Remote control application

After more than 10 days of continuous use with theECOVAC'S DEEBOT N8+ and its application, we are ready to give a judgment also to the software support of this handy tool.

The first detail that I could easily see is that the application it is not intuitive enough, especially for the less tech-savvy.

The main and absolutely unforgivable problem is that the mapping of the house is neither intuitive nor definitive (it would seem to be a problem in the latest versions of the application).

In over a week I have never managed to complete the mapping of the house, thus being able to distinguish the various environments (rooms) in various colors.

It even happened that after an initial mapping the progress was lost (after a few hours).

A similar problem occurred over a week later, when the robot was offline and could no longer be connected to the phone. Not returning available following the instructions provided I tried to add a new device and only then I could see it working again.

Obviously the mapping had been lost when he reconnected.

However, it is possible to clean certain areas of the house by carrying out the personalized cleaning, which with a square (which can be resized or moved) allows us to send the DEEBOT N8 + where we want.

Potentially the application would have a lot to offer, if only these flaws are not so important in a device of this type and do not compromise its regular use.

From the application we can adjust the suction power and water flow levels.

But still disable the automatic emptying at the base, send the robot at the charging base, "do not disturb" function and much more.

Unfortunately, failing to finish the mapping despite endless attempts, it is not possible to take advantage of the functions of programming of area cleaning.

In fact, if I wanted to clean the kitchen and living room at 16 pm every afternoon I would not be able to do it due to the mapping problems.

It is possible to set multiple levels of mapping if you have multiple floors, but it is a function that we have not tested.

From the application we can clearly control the robot even from outside the home and see its battery levels or the cleaning history.

Unfortunately, the problem of incomplete mapping is well known and the app has been receiving avalanches of negative reviews for several weeks.

Il robot interacts in Spanish if theapplication is set in Spanishotherwise in the base language (English).

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 + • Conclusions

Il DEEBOT N8 + it is a product with certainly enviable potential; we could not say the same about the quality of its software support.

In fact, if it is true that I fell in love with this tool and continue to use it daily, it is also true that I would have preferred it to finish mapping the house, to also take advantage of the cleaning programming functions.

Everything about the side Hardware of this product is a success. The problem arises when the hardware encounters the poorly developed software.

Il DEEBOT N8 + has a price currently reaching up to i 640 euro approximately, and we can often find it at much lower figures: roughly around i 510 €.

The point is that these are not 130 euros to make the real difference since if you plan to buy a robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners high-end, it will not be the difference in price that represents your main interest.

This tool has the cost of something professional, enthusiast and instead behaves like a product still in the running-in phase: with quite burdensome software problems (which do not make it unusable but less enjoyable).

Personally if I had bought this product out of my own pocket I would have returned it after a few days. Unfortunately the potential, the beautiful design and marketing phrases will never hide the substantial problems that this product currently possesses.

We look forward to a miraculous software update that fixes it what is currently the cause of malfunctions and memory lapses.

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