Essential apps if you use iOS and Windows 10

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Apple and Microsoft haven't always played well with each other, but these days it's much easier to live with one foot in Windows 10 and another in iOS. From apps to extend your display to cloud sync across multiple devices, these are the best apps to use if you're on iOS and Windows 10.

These apps are not just types of software designed by Microsoft and available on iOS. These are apps or services that bring your devices closer together.

Duet Display

iPads and iPhones have some of the best screens available and you can use your iOS device screen as a second monitor for your PC using Duet Display. The app is created by ex-Apple engineers who make it easy to extend your PC to your iOS devices. The connection supports full touch support and expands your display to 60 frames per second.

In addition to downloading the Duet Display app for $10,99 from the App Store, you'll also need to download free software to your PC from the Duet Display website.


Microsoft Authenticator

If you often need to sign in to your Microsoft account, you can download the Microsoft Authenticator app to improve your account security. To use the app, you need to set up two-step verification for your Microsoft account and then receive notifications on your iOS device to sign in later. Microsoft Authenticator supports Touch ID, Face ID, and PINs. So you have many options depending on your hardware or preferences. The app is free and available on many platforms, including iOS.


Continue on PC

Phones and tablets are great for browsing content, but if you want to continue browsing your PC from your iOS device, you can use Microsoft's free app, "Continue on PC." The application allows you to send a web page to your PC and automatically open it on your computer or wait there for later.



If you use Apple's iCloud, you can view your photos directly on your PC. It's relatively easy to set up, but you need to know where to look to authorize it and select what content syncs to your PC.

You can choose what content is synced across your devices, including your iCloud Photo Library, Photo Stream, Downloads, Uploads, and more. iCloud works well with Windows File Explorer and can even be paired with Quick Access to make it feel like a native experience. It's also free.


What's your favorite way to use iOS and Windows 10 together? Did we miss any apps on our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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