Everything we know about Call of Duty: Warzone season five

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As the next Call of Duty installment nears audiences soon, Warzone players are hungry for what could be their last taste of new battle royale content, in the form of season five. The previous seasons didn't bring colossal changes to the game, as they were seen in the same light as any old patch. Although the game's developer, Infinity Ward, is getting a bit riskier, with seemingly drastic changes to the game's maps and character designs.

via the Call of Duty YouTube channel

Like Fortnite, Warzone will finally see a background story, likely functioning as a catalyst behind all of the changes in season five. Call of Duty posted a video on its YouTube channel, which details the story, along with new operators to come. The characters are those of the Shadow Company, a group of black-clad soldiers that previously featured in Modern Warfare's campaign - one of which has a much bigger one than any other skin in the game and we're all for it.

Sadly, the trailer is also set at Verdansk Stadium for far too long, which means it could be part of the narrative. However, this is not the first time Stadium has been bullied by Activision. The publisher also let the popular Twitch steamer TeePee make its clip debut of the location hit by what appears to be an atomic bomb. So, expect to be able to play inside the dome, or maybe even roam what could be a new location.

This isn't the first time that she's allowed a streamer to hint at the incoming features of Season 5. In mid-July, Nickmercs teased a weird and uneventful video of a starting train. Ultimately, Warzone might see Apex Legends-style trains, which shooters can loot and travel around the map. This could be possible as early as August 5, as that is the date stated in the teaser.

Shockingly, Activision and Infinity Ward have been very low-key about the Season 5 Battlepass and the possible inclusion of new weapons. Of course, if more details on Season 5 come up, we'll make sure to keep this page up to date for you.

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