Everything we know about the Three Penance System in Blasphemous: The Stir of Dawn DLC

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The first Blasphemy DLC, The Agitation of Dawn, introduces a number of new mechanics and features to the game, and perhaps the most interesting of them is the Three Penitence system. This new system featured prominently in the DLC reveal trailer, and it seems to change the way Blasphemy can be played in a number of ways. Here is everything we know about the system of three penances.

How to access the penance options

In the Stir of Dawn DLC, players can access a new altar located in the room just before the first boss of Blasphemy, the Guardian of Silent Pain. This altar offers four choices, the first three being penance of the bleeding heart, penance of true guilt, and penance of unshakeable faith. The latter choice appears to be just a cracked reflection of the Penitent One, and is probably the option to play Blasphemous the regular route, without active penance.

How the system of three penances works

From what is shown so far, it looks like the player's choice of penance will definitely change the rules of the game for this game. It's not clear if players can return to the altar later to change their penance.

Below are descriptions of each of the penance options revealed in the trailer.

Penance of the bleeding heart

Your skin is torn, only your willpower keeps you going. Each attack you receive causes you to lose an orb of life.
Your sacred equipment is affected by the miracle. Bile vials regenerate multiple orbs over time, but taking damage stops this process.
Your enemies are relentless. Enemies respawn more frequently.

Penance for true guilt

Failure is unacceptable. At death, all your tears of atonement are placed on the guilt shard.
Regret is beyond you. Your guilt level peaks once you fall in battle.
Nothing can ease your pain. The vials of bile won't heal you, filling your Fervor instead.

Penance of unshakeable faith

Your sword arm is weakening. Mea Culpa's attacks are half as effective.
Your mind is stronger, your determination is a

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