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In the era of dynamism, haste and work, the Portable external hard drives they have a decidedly important role in the life of the individual.

Nowadays all manufacturers tend to shrink the size of peripherals for convenience and versatility.

Among them we can certainly place the Hard Disk esterni: drive per l’data storage such as music, photos, videos and much more that can always be useful even when you are on the road and have a briefcase with a notebook under your arm.

- external hard disk they have changed over the years and have seen the implementation of new connection standards (such as USB 3.1) as well as higher read and write speeds.

Before reviewing the best products on the market we will see for a moment how to make a purchase and we will make some preliminary clarifications on the characteristics of the Hard Disk esterni. More specifically, the guide will consist of the following paragraphs:

  • What is an external hard drive?
  • How to choose an external hard drive?
  • Hard Disk VS SSD? Which one to choose?
  • Best External Hard Drive 500 GB • Low-end
  • Best External Hard Drives 1 TB • Mid-range
  • Best external hard drives 2/3 TB • High-end
  • Best External Hard Drives • External SSDs
  • Best 3,5 "external hard drives

What is an external hard drive?

Un Hard Disk esterno, often referred to simply as "HD" or "HDD" as storage disks for Desktop PC, is a portable device, of small dimensions, for the filing of files.

What use can be made of these Hard Disk esterni?

In addition to being important for the transfer of data are extracted from one PC to another or between two devices when there is no connection that allows you to do everything online, these storage disks they are often used to make gods Backup of the information contained on PC.

In many cases, however, these items are misused such as when theHard Disk is connected to different devices all the time.

And why would all this be wrong?

Well because for archiving and the sharing of data among several devices (Playstation, Computer, Smart TV ...) special devices have been designed Hard Disk NAS which serve to make from HUB inside your home by wirelessly connecting all the electronic gadgets you own!

To learn more about the topic, I suggest you visit our article on the best internal hard drives where it is explained in more detail how to "build" a data station in your home.

Sometimes the HD external they are even used as secondary storage devices on notebook Portable PCs.

If you have purchased a notebook with SSD small and the PC is devoid of internal mechanical hard disk, then, to avoid excessively "clogging" the computer, it may be convenient to store less important files on a external hard disk leaving thePrimary SSD with the operating system and a few other data to keep it always snappy!

How to choose an external hard drive?

There are an infinite number of products on the market, so many that it will make you uncomfortable if you do not have a clear idea of ​​what are the parameters and characteristics that matter when buying a Hard Disk.

You will soon be presented with a selection of best external hard drives portable but first you have to take a step back!

In fact, first of all we will discover together what you need to keep an eye on among the many information reported in the technical data sheets of the Hard Disk esterni.

These are the most important features of a Hard Disk esterno:

  • Dimensions and weight: being a portable device, they are very influential in a external hard disk its size, which must be reduced as much as possible. The same goes for the weight. It also checks that the drive materials are resistant and well-made, such as to give the article, perhaps, a certain resistance to shocks (as a portable product, every eventuality must always be considered).
  • Connection interface: most of the external hard disk today possesses, as we have previously stated, the standard USB3.0 or its latest version USB3.1. The oldest Hard Diskinstead, they may not have this extra gear (easily distinguishable by the blue color of the USB). However, there is backward compatibility between USB3.0 e USB2.0 albeit with a performance bottleneck. In recent times, other standards are starting to spread such asUSB Type-C which are more compact. Another standard to consider is the Thunderbolt which has evolved to the third stage of its own version. Obviously it will be necessary to verify in advance that yours PC has the connector for the type of interface that theHard Disk owns. We usually recommend buying a classic USB Type-A to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and, above all, to have the most common cable connection standard in order to have serious advantages in terms of compatibility!
  • cache: also for external hard disk, as for the mechanical ones, the quantity of cache that the drive has. This has a fundamental role in the waiting time for access to files (although minimal it is always an important value). The amount of Cache memory is measured in MB.
  • Format: What happened to the hard disk interni it is still valid for external ones as well in some sense. In fact, while the former differed in 2,5 and 3,5 inch formats based on the versions for desktop and for notebook, these are for the compact transport versions (self-powered via USB) and for the HUB station that require external power.

Hard Disk VS SSD? Which one to choose?

You have surely heard of the HD-SSD diatribe that has been self-feeding on the web for years now!

So let's now give a definitive answer to the question!

The answer is simple: without getting lost in technicalities, mechanical hard disks represent the standard used for years while SSDs are of recent production and ensure read / write speeds at least 5 times higher.

If you have purchased a PC with only an SSD on the inside, probably the right choice for you is a Hard Disk esterno traditional so that it can store your data with confidence.

While, if you have purchased a pc that does not have a SSD internally, vice versa it could be in your interest to buy one to store data that you need to access quickly. However, it should be noted that the capacity of a SSD at the same price with a HD it is extremely inferior.

It is also true that anyone who buys a SSD it certainly does not do this for the capacity but for the speed of data transfer.

If you want to investigate the matter SSD I recommend you visit our article on the best SSDs by price range!

After this clarification, let's see immediately what the best external hard drives more in detail by dividing our guide by price range and drive capacity.

You may also find some External SSDs obviously in relation to their price they will be found in different ranges and also ordered by price.

External hard disk: the best 500 GB • Low-end

Within this very first section we will go to see which are the best 500GB external hard drives.

However, our advice is to focus on something more interesting and with a larger capacity. In fact, there is talk of a difference of just a few euros with the external hard disk of the next category.

You could instead opt for a 500GB external hard drive in case your budget is very limited with no hope of being able to make any sacrifices to buy a better item.

Let's see immediately which is the first external hard disk of this Guide written by Gamerslance.com!

Toshiba TB305EK3AA HDD Esterno 500 GB

The first product I present to you is branded Toshiba. As I told you previously, the price gap with the subsequent ones is not exaggeratedly large so I would advise you if possible to skip this choice.

It is however a good 500gb external hard drive the only flaw is the relationship price / capacity that does not leave us satisfied.

THEHD it is formatted in NTFS and is perfectly compatible with USB3.0. Obviously it is a product self-powered like all external hard disk of the format of 2,5 inches then.

Simple, light and versatile. Great to be carried to work daily and also be used for home use.

Check for yourself the price dell 'hard disk esterno su amazon clicking on the link below and then compare it with the ones that follow.

External hard drive: the best 1 TB • Mid-range

Let's leave this behind hard disk then 500 GB and we land in the land of Hard Disk da 1 TB (i.e. 1000GB) which is the one most interested by the majority of users.

Un 1 TB external hard drive it suits anyone: that you are a gamer, for an photographer, for an web writer or any other devilry surely if you work with a PC you will need a external hard disk to keep your data (by making backups) or simply to always have them at hand!

there external hard disk of many companies and the models of their respective vary from each other for a few characteristics.

In other words, you can buy one of the hard drive that we will propose to you and you will not find any relevant differences with different models, basically because they are articles of excellent workmanship and now the market of external hard disk it has standardized.

Around a price figure you will find hard drive with the same capacities and almost identical specifications.

However, we advise you not to look for alternative ways on the web to try to save a few coins! The external hard disk that we recommend are definitely excellent products!

Let's get started right away!

Samsung STSHX-M101TCB, 1TB

Let's start the dance this time with Samsung, which as many of you know, in addition to producing televisions and smartphones is also one of the leading companies in the storage market.

In fact, in 2011 the section Hard Disk area of  Samsung was purchased by Seagate who now struggles with Western Digital to get the better of the internal and external hard drives.

Personally I can also talk about this product from personal experience since it was theHard Disk that I decided to buy!

The capacity product of 1 TB it looks very well aesthetically with a shell that is not smooth but with a very attractive grooved texture.

The package obviously includes the connection cable to the PC which we remember supports the transmission standard USB3.1.

THEHard Disk in question is one of the most reliable and purchased on The Amazon and thousands of buyers in the speak absolutely well.

At the time the article was written, thehard drive was on sale. Check if it still is!

Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM HDD Esterno 2,5, 1TB

An alternative to Samsung? Maybe you don't like it, maybe you are an Apple supporter ...

Well here's another good one external hard disk from 1 TB this time of Maxtor.

Indeed the two products might look identical in this case since they have exactly the same design.

THEHD operates at a speed of RPM 5.4000. THE'Hard Disk it is also platform compatible MAC, is supplied with a cable USB and it is self-powered.

It can be safely used for platforms such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 Xbox One.

Toshiba HDTB310EK3AA Canvio Basic External HDD, 1TB

Ultimately between the best 1TB external hard drives we can certainly find Toshiba which holds the record for sales of hard disk esterni su Amazon.

The product in question is absolutely reliable, handy and comfortable. In this case the design it changes into a smooth plate.

The base file system is on NTFS but it can be formatted to become compatible with MAC (the required format is HFS +). This is an extremely simple operation and is only of interest to those who do not use the drive on Windows.

The three hard drive that we have presented are among the best and therefore buying one of the three would be TOP.

Our advice is to choose the article with the lower price since in the end these are practically equal in everything.

Below you can find the link to the page The Amazon dell 'Toshiba external hard drive.

External hard disk: the best from 2/3 TB • High-end

Se 1 terabyte storage is not enough then follow this section carefully where you can find the larger hard drives with a good rapporto qualità / prezzo.

Below you will find then 2 TB hard disk or even from 3 TB, enough for most users who aren't satisfied with 1000GB.

This is the last section of ours guide on the best external hard drives! Don't miss it!

Toshiba HDTB320EK3CA Canvio Basic 2 TB

Also for the great abilities we return to entrust ourselves Toshiba than with this model I change basic holds the record for sales among external hard disk di The Amazon.

The product has a price really interesting. In fact, with about 20 euros more than the version from 1 TB will you be able to take home a HD with RPM 5.400 speed and double the capacity.

The article is extremely comfortable, versatile and slim. Great for transportation. It is also elegant thanks to the smooth matte surface.

Connection interface: USB 3.0 and NTFS basic formatting format (obviously modifiable through formatting).

Il drive it is in 2,5 inch format.

Maxtor Seagate HX-M201TCB/GM

As an alternative to the product Toshiba we place in guide also the Maxtor da 2 TB of storage.

Also in this case the differences with the other models are minimal so I advise you to buy between the two thehard drive with the lowest price.

Also 'Hard Disk Maxtor it is highly appreciated by buyers who continually leave great positive reviews for it.

A good external hard disk with lots of space available!

Toshiba Canvio Basics, 3TB Portable External HDD

Ultimately before moving on to Hard Disk from "station" with 3,5 inch format we insert in the guide a hard disk from 3 TB company again Toshiba.

For the product, what we have already said previously applies. The only difference compared to the model from 2 TB it is in fact just more memory space.

We prefer not to dwell on it Hard Disk more capacity as hardly anyone buys such large drives.

5 stars up The Amazon and once again only positive reviews for Toshiba.

External hard drive • the best external SSDs

You need a drive very fast to carry out transactions instantly?

Good! Know that in addition to internal SSDs that perform a very important function inside personal computers, there are also External SSDs which are specially designed for high speeds at the expense of low capacities.

Below you will find a selection of best external hard disk sorted by price and capacity.

Let's start right away with Samsung!

SamsungSSD esterno T3 MU-PT250B

This product of Samsung is present on The Amazon in two versions: one from 256 GB and one from 512 GB.

Unfortunately i prices of SSD external they are even higher than the common ones Internal SSDs therefore to buy these items you will need to have a respectable budget.

It is however about device professional and high-performance, so consider if you actually need a SSD and you just can't settle for a simple one Hard Disk esterno.

THESSD it is very compact and resistant, all in quite small dimensions. The maximum transfer rate it can achieve according to the manufacturer would be equal to 450 Mb / s.

It is an extremely reliable product and certainly among the best external SSDs on the market.

The connection interface used is the simple one USB.

This I leave you below is the 256 GB version:

While this is the 512GB version:

Sandisk Extreme external SSD

A valid alternative to Samsung è Sandisk with its External SSD of model Extreme.

Yet this product seems to be more in the shape of a "station" rather than a transport device, which is why some of you may prefer the Samsung analyzed earlier.

However, the product is still thin, light and comfortable albeit with an ambiguous shape.

the transfer speed varies from the model with less GB up to that with 1 TB. In fact, it goes from 415 Mb / s to 440 Mb / s.

External SSD very interesting and competitive in terms of prices.

Here is the 250 GB version:

And here instead the 500 GB one:

External hard drive • the best 3,5 ″ HD

Now let's move on to the 3,5-inch external hard drive and let's see what the best HD.

Obviously, these are more bulky products and they must perform a different function than the common ones external hard disk.

These will in fact be used as external storage “stations”. To better convey the idea, think of a box that requires external power and that you place outside your PC on the desk!

That's what it's all about!

Hard Disk HD Esterno 3000GB 3,5″ MAXTOR SEAGATE

This is a 3,5-inch hard drive by well 3 TB of storage space.

It has a decidedly interesting and very competitive price for the range in which we place it.

Compact size and compatibility with USB3.0. Has a excellent value for money and has a function of standby automatic for energy saving.

Below is the link to check the price in real time!

WD 4TB My Book Hard Disk Esterno 4 TB

In this case the difference with the Hard Disk that we have presented before!

This storage station is very elegant and can be placed on the desk without any problem, remembering that it needs an external power supply.

The model in question presents well 4 TB of storage space. Very elegant reinvented design.

It has a function that allows you to perform automatic backups.

It is a good choice for those who need to archive a large number of files!


How to transport my HDDs / SSDs?

Before leaving us definitively we want to offer you a really interesting article.

Well even if it is not a external hard disk nor a External SSD what I am about to tell you about is a protective casing to transport your storage disks in total safety.

As well as a way to use your internal hard drives as portable devices!

ELUTENG HDD / SSD Enclosure 2.5

In particular ELUTENG, he designed a disc slot of the size of 2,5 inches that allows you to connect Hard disk e Internal SSDs which then use the connection standard SATA 3.0, through USB 3.0.

The product has a negligible price (around 10 euros) and will allow you to connect hard disk interni in an "external" way.

It exists in two variants: black and transparent.

It is a very interesting article and it does its job well. Here is the direct link to The Amazon:


External hard drive: the best HD • Conclusion

We have come to the end of this guide on best external hard drives.

We have entered the best hard disc in The Amazon analyzing its peculiarities and specifications!

If you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the appropriate section below.

As usual, the Gamerslance.com team thanks you for reading and invites you to read all our other guides for assembling pc.

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