Firmina is Google's new submarine cable

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On the official blog of Google dedicated to initiatives related to the cloud, the announcement of the installation of a new one submarine cable baptized Firmine, which will put in direct communication United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. It will be installed by 2022 and operational from 2023.

USA, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina united by Google's Firmina cable

Without going into details in terms of specifications, the Mountain View group has announced that it will consist of 12 pairs of fiber optic lines. The project is carried out in partnership with SubCom. Here is what we read in the post, signed by Bikash Koley (Vice President of Global Networking), in order to explain the need for the project.

The infrastructure of the internet isn't in the cloud, it's under the ocean. The Net is still growing steadily, year after year. I expect this trend to continue.

Impossible to blame Koley, considering that the 98% of the data traffic on an international scale it travels on submarine cables that connect countries and continents.

Firmina will start from an as yet unspecified point in the USA and then reach Praia Grande (Brazil), Punta del Este (Uruguay) and finally Las Toninas (Argentina). It will be the longest cable in the world to be powered by a single energy source positioned at one end, an approach that engineers believe to work on the initiative will increase its reliability.

The name is a tribute to Maria Firmina dos Reis (1825-1917), Brazilian author active for the abolition of slavery in the country. The Mountain View group has previously dedicated a doodle to her, on 11 October 2019, on the occasion of the 194th anniversary of her birth. The choice, albeit with some exceptions, follows an alphabetical order: first it went to Curie (California, Panama, Chile), Dunant (United States, France), Equiano (Portugal, Nigeria, South Africa) and Grace Hopper (United States, Spain , UK).

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