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Dear reader, today the editors of is pleased to introduce you to a detailed and comprehensive review of the Fractal Design Lumen S24, kindly provided by the Swedish company for testing.

Il Lumen S24 is a liquid cooler (AIO) of the size of 240 mm with waterblock retroilluminato and also available in version with ARGB fans.

This item falls within the range Lumen, which along with the Celsius already seen previously, it represents the line-up of products for the dissipation of Fractal Design.

This same model is therefore also available in cuts from 280 mm e 360 mm, both respectively with attached normal or RGB versions.

Let's find out everything this article has to offer!

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • Box contents and assembly

In the package are clearly present i instruction manuals, as well as all of them bracket for installing the heatsink, screws and so on.

The thermal paste it is pre-applied, which is why it is still convenient to buy a tube if you want to do maintenance on the PC after several months.

Inside the box we find two ventole Aspect 12 PWM, which will be clearly RGB if we purchase the aforementioned version. Otherwise they will be without lighting and therefore black (as shown in the photo in the next paragraphs).

Il mounting it was not particularly complicated, however I preferred other assembly systems seen among the heatsinks tested previously in the course of our reviews.

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • Technical specifications

In terms of technical specifications this Lumen S24 has some interesting features: first of all the position of the pump, which is located on the radiator. This allows you to have one less cable near the waterblock (where in any case there will be the one for the management of ARGB lighting).

Le Aspect fans 12 they reach peak speeds of a good level (2000 RPM) and operate at a minimum speed of 500 RPM, in a sufficiently quiet regime.

Il waterblock possiede 6 led ARGB controllable via software from motherboard.

Compatibility with socket LGA1700 is insured, but in the first months of marketing it may still be necessary to apply for the bracket on the site Fractal Design.

Calm flat instead as regards the socket AM5, which should be backwards compatible to AM4 from a structural point of view.

Il liquid heatsink it can be purchased for an average price of around 100-110 euros.

There are also 280mm and 360mm models from the same range.

The product has a cost that varies between 100 and 110 euros approximately, with one Official Fractal Design guarantee of the duration of 5 years.

Materiale waterblockCopper
Tube materialLow permeability rubber with woven nylon coating
Tube length400 mm
Intel socket compatibilityLGA 1700*/1150/1151/1155/1156/1200 LGA 1366/2011/2011-3/2066
AMD socket compatibilityAM4/FM2+/FM2/ FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2
Fans (included)2x Aspect 12 PWM
Min-max fan speed500 RPM – 2000 RPM
Warranty5 years
Technical specifications of the Fractal Design Lumen S24

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • Test & performance

In terms of performance the Lumen S24 it behaves very well: not only towards the competition, but even when compared to superior models always produced by Fractal Design.

In particular, as can be easily understood from the graph below, this model from 240 mm it deviates from the larger and more expensive Celsius + S36 by just one and a half points.

It is important to always keep in mind that the models highlighted in yellow (competitors) are all equipped with a radiator with a 360mm cut.

Il Lumen S24 so not only does it have excellent performance and one good silence, But is also a compact solution for smaller gaming cases.

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • Test & performance

Compared to the models of air coolers, il Lumen S24 manages to have significantly better performance on average, at a higher price.

It is a solution hybrid for those who want to wink at aesthetics, but do not have enough space to afford great "works".

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • Design, RGB & build quality

In terms of design it is rather complicated to put the Swedish house in difficulty, which not only always produces well-finished products from an aesthetic point of view, but which also uses materials of high quality.

Indeed, it is indeed how these can contribute significantly in returning premium feedback: paper that this product certainly has on its side.

THEARGB lighting it is made by means of 6 LEDs that can be controlled via the motherboard software.

As for solidity, strength e quality of materials used for radiator, pump and hose, as already mentioned, there is nothing to worry about.

More details in this regard have been specified in the technical specifications table.

Fractal Design Lumen S24 • General considerations

Il Lumen S24 it's a small air cooler, which allows you to have great performance at a price not only reasonable but also convenient for those who want aesthetics on their side.

It can also be purchased in its version with ARGB fans (present in the boxes below), or in the model with black fans without lighting (tested by us) and which I personally find more elegant and serious (due to professional deformation).

Highly recommended product but not well marketed in Spain, where Fractal Design still has some minor problems with i distributors. It still often happens to struggle to find some products on The Amazon. Good competition between the distributors it would also guarantee significant benefits to the final consumer (due to price competitiveness).

Perhaps this is the only aspect that remains to be paid more attention to the Swedish brand to increase its market share.

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