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One of the most loved "games" is certainly the Karaoke. Since Fiorello's Karaoke broadcast on TV, this game has become increasingly popular, becoming a real job for many users! It doesn't matter if you are at home with your family or at a ceremony or party in the square, Karaoke is almost always present and brightens the days of many people.

You know you can do free karaoke even with your computer (Windows PC or Mac), without having to spend anything? In this article, we briefly explain what you need.

  • Bus Midi / Karaoke or MP3-Karaoke

The first thing you need is the raw material, that is the backing tracks in karaoke format (that is, they also contain the karaoke text that you can view on the screen of your PC or Mac). Here are a couple of tips on how to find these bases for free.

a) You can find several midi / kar backing tracks on this site: All you have to do is enter the name of the artist or the title of the song as a keyword and start the search. Once you have found the desired results, select them with the right mouse button and then save the mid / kar file in a folder on your computer. Or access this site and you will find many midi files ready to download divided by artist name.
b) If you are looking for "international" midi-karaoke backing tracks, access the following site:
You will notice that all artists are sorted alphabetically and by accessing an artist's page you will be able to download the related midi files.
c) If you search basi mp3-karaoke (certainly of better quality than midi / kar files) then you can rely on one of the many forums on the web and in which many users delight in creating mp3-karaoke backing tracks and exchanging them with other users. Among these forums we point out, for example, Love4Music and
d) Another excellent solution is to find bases VIDEO KARAOKE. Most karaoke video files are free to download directly from Youtube (read about this article: download karaoke video backing tracks from youtube)
e) If you have midi or mp3 backing tracks, but they are without lyrics, no problem! Thanks to Kanto Syncro you will be able to synchronize the music with the lyrics of the song and create high quality and 100% customized karaoke backing tracks!

  • Free Karaoke Software

Once you've found some backing tracks, what you need is a karaoke program. A free program that allows you to open and play midi backing tracks, mp3, kar, cdg, video karaoke, etc ... is KANTO KARAOKE. It is a program available in a 100% free version and which is characterized by its simplicity of use.

It has the "Double Screen" function, the ability to change the key and tempo of the songs, change the color of the karaoke text, the background, etc…. This program is available for both Windows and Mac OS X computers. Here are the links to download it for free:



That's it!

With these simple tips you can start right away free karaoke fare on your computer, and have fun singing along with your favorite backing tracks!


Free Karaoke Fare col PC o Mac –

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