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We may well be entering the streaming generation of media consumption, with downloads starting to feel a bit like DVDs in the days of Netflix, if you follow me. That said, there's just something reassuring about having your music there on your device, without having to worry about the vagaries of poor internet connections or what to do if you're on a long-haul flight. .

There are plenty of great paid services that let you download music to your Android device, but hey, there are some fantastic free ones too. Here are five of my favorite apps for downloading music to your Android device that won't cost you a penny.

1. TubeMate

Sometimes the best apps for your free music downloads are ones that aren't even designed specifically for that purpose. TubeMate is an application that allows you to download YouTube videos in multiple formats including audio only. As you probably know, YouTube is one of the best places to listen to your favorite music, and thanks to TubeMate, it's one of the best places to download that music.

You can download TubeMate here (Google doesn't allow it in Play Store, probably because it's encroaching on YouTube), and when you try to download videos to audio (M4A or MP3), you'll also be prompted to download MP3 Video Converter, which syncs with TubeMate to convert video to audio.

2. 4Shared

Popular file sharing repository 4Shared has been doing the rounds on PC for years, and it's proven to be a huge hit for Android. Again, it's not designed just for music, as users can download whatever files they want, but finding music is as good as anything. (There's even an option to specifically search for music files.)

4Shared can be downloaded from Play Store, but not in all countries. If you can't get it from Play Store in your country, you can download the free APK here.

3. Audiomack

If you want to know that the music you download isn't going to infringe on any copyrights and you're open to vetting emerging talent in the Hip-Hop, Electronic and Reggae arenas, proceed to Audiomack.

This application offers a platform for artists who do not have official distribution points while having a content filtering system to ensure that the existing elements are of good quality. This goodwill project has already propelled hip-hop stars like T-Wayne, Fetty Wap and Migos to record deals and gives you a chance to help find the next big star.

4. RockMyRun

Now, this one is a little different. Designed with joggers and fitness enthusiasts in mind, RockMyRun has some of the biggest names in electronic music on board to create sets designed to get your blood pumping (you know, like that montage scene from Rocky...which I'm not sure included).

All the spiel about being 'PROVED' to increase motivation by 35% should probably be taken with a pinch of salt, but with names like David Guetta and Afrojack delivering the mixes and the option to adjust the BPM to your beat, it's a solid acoustic option for your workouts.


It is always good to know that there is a huge range of apps that can fix you when you want to have music on your device. Streaming is fine, but unless you're willing to pay, it usually comes with a lot of limitations. With music downloaded to your device, you're in control.


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