Fritz Box 7590 Review • The best Fritz modem / router! AVM

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We are delighted and excited to present to our faithful reader the best modem that the company Shopping Mall currently has on the list: the Fritz! Box 7590!

It is not the first product of this brand that we review: we now have some experience with AVM Fritz products! we always fall in love with at first sight.

But let's not get lost in other talk and let's run immediately in the right direction!

Fritz Box 7590 Review • The best Fritz modem / router! AVM

Il Fritz! 7590 di Shopping Mall is a device that offers itself both as modem than as a router: if the difference is not clear to you, I advise you to deepen.

In fact, although in common speech the two terms are often confused, it is good to remember that a modem is almost always a router but not vice versa!

Here is for you the guide to the best fiber optic modem routers where you can find enough information.

Now let's talk specifically about the Fritz! Box 7590: this is the extreme end modem of theShopping Mall, the point product of the brand.

As such it presents a certainly not indifferent price: we find it on Amazon over 200 euros.

Now let's move on to the technical details of the next paragraph!

Fritz Box 7590 Review • Technical Specifications

Il Fritz! Box 7590 it's a Modem Router designed to be used both with common connection ADSL that with optical fiber.

But being a high-end product, there is no doubt that you generally buy it for connections of a certain type!

IL Fritz! Box 7590 has Wi-Fi dual band on the frequencies of 5Ghz and 2,4 Ghz as most of the products in their line. Among other things, these have the MU-MIMO which allows you to more easily manage different devices connected to the WiFi through the various antennas available.

Le WiFi antennas are 4 therefore the power of emanation of the signal is very respectable.

Il Wi-Fi is pretty powerful: it allows a transfer speed of up to 1.733 Mbit / s (in 5Ghz) and 800 Mbit / s (in 2,4 Ghz). The two WiFi standards explained are called Wifi 5 and Wifi 4 respectively.

The modem supports ADSL, VDSL connections up to 300 Mbit / s with a technology called supervectoring and traditional fiber optic connections.

Obviously, all the most classic functions made available by the products are available Fritz! by AVM including for example the Wi-Fi Mesh, Quality of Service (QoS), the media server, WPA2 encryption for secure connections, WPS and MU-MIMO.

Il Fritz! Box 7590 then makes available that series of functions for telephony that are gradually becoming more and more used, including the Fritz! App Phone and the switchboard that allows you to connect up to 6 ISDN or analog IP telephones.

It obviously supports the protocol IPv4 but also IPv6.

Here are the main ones technical specifications. Let's start with connectivity:

  • analogue or ISDN fixed network according to 1TR112 / U-R2.
  • for VDSL or ADSL connection.
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 Base-T).
  • 2 USB 3.0 port for memory and printer.
  • base DECT for 6 cordless phones.
  • 2 a / b ports for connecting analog phones, answering machine and fax.

Let's now pass to those relating to Internet e Wi-Fi:

  • router DSL con firewall/NAT, server DHCP, client DynDNS, UPnP AV.
  • VDSL or ADSL connection, optionally with analog fixed network or ISDN compliant with 1TR112 / U-R2.
  • supports connections VDSL is also 300 MbitEven supervectoring.
  • operation router also with modem via cable, connection to optical fiber or dongle for mobile network (LTE / UMTS / HSPA).
  • secure remote access via the Internet with VPN (IPSec)
  • Wi-Fi 5 (up to 1.733 Mbit / s gross; 5 GHz) and 4 (up to 800 Mbit / s gross; 2,4 GHz).
  • 4 x 4 Wi-Fi 5 + 4 with MIMO multi-user.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11g, b ed a
  • FRITZ!NAS, My Fritz!, Media server, wireless guest access e Fritz!OS
Custom offer Avm Fritz!Box 7590 International Modem Router, Wireless Veloce Ac+N 2533 Mbit/S,...
  • Check the compatibility of the product with other devices and with the services of your telephone operator before purchasing it ...
  • Modem router that uses 4x4 multi-user-mimo technology 1.733 (5 ghz) + 800 MBit / s (2.4 ghz) simultaneously, also supports ...
  • Compatible with Tiscali fiber and other operators
189,00 EUR

Fritz Box 7590 Review • Experience of use

I replaced this Fritz! Box 7590 to my previous basic modem provided to me by the telephone provider.

I noticed immediate improvements regarding the internet connection on my devices, even though the connection was the same and I don't have one optical fiber.

Lost packets have drastically decreased and the connection has become smoother and more enjoyable for me who usually play online.

All this was also possible thanks to the preferences included in the Fritz!OS about the Quality Of Service: the tool that allows you to prioritize the connection of certain network devices (in this case my desktop pc).

I must admit, however, that as far as telephony is concerned I was very disappointed with the Fritz! App Fon which should allow you to make calls from your smartphone as if you were on a cordless phone.

The point is that the app in addition to having an outdated and outdated style did not work completely after configuration, not allowing me to establish the connection on call.

I also have two other devices installed in my house Shopping Mall: the Fritz! Box 4040 and the Fritz! Powerline 1260E these complete the structure AVM Fritz! Mesh which allows any device to connect to these access points as if they were all a single modem.

With the Mesh active we can in fact set the same passwords on each access point automatically and have everything under control.

It goes without saying that the Fritz!OS on which I will spend a few more words, both of fundamental importance.

Il WiFi it is powerful enough, not excellent but good.

If you have a multi-storey or very large house, I recommend you try the Fritz! Repeater 600 that we reviewed just a few days ago!

Review Fritz Box 7590 • Fritz!OS

If you've never dealt with a Fritz modem! you probably don't know what you're missing!

Il Fritz!OS is the operating system of the modem, installed inside it and through which we can interface on our browser from the control panel Fritz!, reachable by writing in the address bar.

Here you can update the firmware del modem (always do this!), manage the security settings as well as all other details regarding the functions for the phone and the Wi-Fi Mesh.

From here you can also manage yours Media server created via Fritz! IN THE which is a very convenient facility for sharing files between devices in the house.

And here you will find all the functions Smart Home made available by the product.

This has always been the strong point of this company. Flawless!

Fritz Box 7590 Review • Conclusion

What to say about this Fritz! Box 7590?

It is the top of the range currently in the lineup of Shopping Mall and comes with breathtaking aesthetics and performance to match.

Maybe the price it is a bit high and not for everyone, but for the infinite technologies and functions made available (which no one else offers you) it is well justifiable.

The only flaw of this product was the misunderstanding with the app for calling: which in my case did not work. But it is not a feature of primary importance and indeed, I think you have never heard of it before.

Find the Fritz! Box 7590 below sold and shipped by Amazon! Don't miss it!

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