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More and more photographs are accumulated, less and less are printed and stored on physical media. It is a fact, the direct consequence of a widespread diffusion of mobile devices: always having the smartphone with you and being able to acquire an image in a few seconds inevitably leads us to generate a volume of content that in most cases we will put aside. , no longer even having to deal with storage space thanks to the new opportunities offered by the cloud. For this reason, the initiative put in place by bigG with the debut of Photobooks Platform Google Photos is of particular interest.

Google Photos: Photo Books

The novelty was announced last year at the 2017 I / O conference aimed at the developer community, but only in these days is it making its official debut in Italy. The operation is simple: just reach the address or access the homonymous section of the mobile application (Android and iOS) to start a guided editing phase that does not require any kind of expertise advanced. The algorithms developed by Google make a first selection of the images to be printed, drawing them from the user's archive, but it is possible to intervene on every aspect starting from the layout to the pagination, depending on the preferences of each.

It will then be possible to create your own photo book from scratch or perfect one suggested by bigG, for order it and receive it directly at home, choosing the format, the type of cover and the number of pages to include. Here is what you read on the pages of the official blog.

Thanks to Google's search technology, your photos are already organized according to the place where they were taken or the subject represented. Once you've selected the images you want to include in your book, Google Photos will find the best shots and arrange them for you on the pages, removing duplicates and low-quality ones.

As regards the prices, it starts from 12,99 euros for a 20-page softcover photo book and from 22,99 euros if you choose the hard cover. Comparing the expense with what is proposed by alternative and competing services, Google's offer is rather cheap.

We reserve the right to express an opinion on the print quality after touching it with your hand and checking it in person. Taking a look at the opinions shared by the foreign press, where the feature has already been active for some time, the service seems to be promoted with flying colors.

From the cloud to paper

Google, one of the companies that have so far contributed to accelerate the spread of mobile photography (with all that is good and less good), therefore puts in place an initiative that leads to reconsider and re-evaluate a direct and tangible relationship with their shots, through a simplified and accessible to all. An opportunity to go back to giving images an additional value, passing from a process of selection, printing and storage of the physical support.

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