Gamdias Astrape M1-750W Review • Power Supply RGB 80 plus Bronze

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Today we are considering a GAMDIAS power supply, an emerging brand with excellent potential.

The model in question is theAstrape M1 in its version from 750W with efficiency 80 plus bronze.

So we just have to go into the heart of this review. I invite you if you want to deepen further to take a look at ours video review dell 'Gamdias power supply published on our Youtube channel!

Below you can find the index to navigate freely and fluently in the article

  • Introduction
  • Unboxing and cabling
  • Specifications
  • Photo gallery
  • General Considerations & Design

Gamdias Astrape M1-750W Review • Introduction

Gamdias is a brand not very well known especially in Spain.

It is a emerging brand which produces many types of products related to the PC gaming.

We have previously had the opportunity to test and review articles Gamdias of different kinds: gaming peripherals, chairs or power supplies.

Specifically today we are dealing withAstrape M1 da 750W, economic model of the line of Gamdias power supplies.

THEAstrape M1 left us disappointed with its behavior after several months of use.

The power supply is present in only two versions in the line of efficiency 80 plus bronze: one of 650W and another of 750W.

Recensione Gamdias Astrape M1-750W • Unboxing e cavetteria

Inside the package, as clearly visible in ours video review we do not actually find much: in addition to the body of thepower pack then there is the connection cable to the socket, some cable ties and nothing else.

Being a non modular power supply it follows that all the cables are already connected by default so we do not find other particular components in the box.

The cables coming out of the power supply include:

  • 4 + 4 pin CPU power cable
  • 24 pin mobo power cable
  • 2 PCI Express 6 + 2 pin cables
  • cable with 3 SATA connectors
  • cable with 2 SATA connectors, 2 MOLEX connectors and floppy disk connector

The good-looking box also shows on the sides and in the back the technical specifications of the power supply which we will deepen in the next section.

Gamdias Astrape M1-750W Review • Technical Specifications

As mentioned above il Gamdias ASTRAPE M1 it is a non-modular power supply that is placed in a price range that is easily accessible by anyone.

In addition this model is also equipped with a 120mm RGB fan with 26 lighting effects including static colors and different light effects.

The power supply cables are not in the least sleeved and are rather obnoxious to the eye, however we can not expect much from this point of view for a PSU entry level.

Il cable management it is therefore impossible due to non-modularity.

The label 80 plus bronze assures us that theGamdias power supply it will reach an efficiency of 85%.

There are all the safety systems of the circuitry that protect the system from overvoltages, sudden shutdowns and so on. For further information, take a look at the label.

Il PFC and obviously active as in every power pack worthy of respect.

THEalimentatore Gamdias Astrape M1 it also presents the function called “Silent mode” which allows the PSU to stop the 120mm fan when the load will be negligibly low.

This can be activated simply via the appropriate switch located on the rear side of the product and will do its job fully.

Alongside it we will also find it switch RGB to select the mode of RGB lighting among the 26 available.

The switches for managing the "silent mode" and RGB lighting.

The interior of the power supply is not particularly brilliant: however, we cannot expect too much from a fairly cheap product. However, it is true that the competition offers better.

The platform demonstrates a distribution of 720W on the rail from 12V which almost saturates the overall power of the product.

The interiors are "wrapped" correctly to prevent problems of coil whine.

Il main capacitor it's a TEAPO da 390 micro Farad and an operating temperature of 85 °, the manufacturer brand is Taiwanese and is reliable even if it does not reach the performance of the most expensive Japanese top tier capacitors.

Gamdias Astrape M1-750W • Galleria fotografica

Gamdias Astrape M1-750W • General Considerations & Design

THEalimentatore GAMDIAS Astrape M1 after several months of use on one of our customers' PC it stopped showing signs of life.

Each time it was switched on, it caused the interruption of the electrical network in the house due to the activation of the domestic life-saving device.

I cannot therefore speak of this article in a positive way, although the components did not seem to give this image.

Really very good with regards to the settings of RG lightingB and the silence of the silent mode function.

Il design is well cared for and thepower pack it does not have much to envy to its competitors from an aesthetic point of view.

THEAstrape M1 it's a low-mid-range power supply but one I wouldn't trust blindly.

I would rather aim for a model with Gold efficiency just to sacrifice a few more coins.

It is also important to check if we actually need all these 750Ws or if we just want to abound.

In this case it might be a good idea to aim for a 550W or 650W of a different brand.

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