Gamdias Hephaestus P1 Review – RGB gaming headset

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Some time ago Gamdias delivered peripherals from Gaming brand new and never heard of.

We were partly surprised and partly disappointed: you are wondering why? Let's see it together in ours official review of the Hephaestus P1!

We have tried them for you: today we will give our concrete judgment and we will thoroughly review these gaming headsets.


Gamdias Hephaestus P1 Review – RGB gaming headset

Le Hephaestus P1 they are RGB gaming headphones produced by the company Gamdias: an emerging brand that is struggling to find its success in Western countries and which seems to be better known in Eastern ones.

Many of our readers will in fact have almost never heard of it.

However, I can assure you that there is some very good in their products, as there is also some weak.

Let's find out the pros and cons of this peripheral together.


Appearance, comfort and materials

The product is delivered in an accurate and aesthetically valid package but a little sparse inside.

Let's start from what in my opinion is the lowest point of the construction of these headphones: theappearance and design.

Since this is a purely personal consideration, it could also be that some users may like it.

However as far as I'm concerned the design of these headphones has neither head nor tail: the lobes for "air cooling" placed on the RGB gaming headphones certainly do not help to give an attractive appearance from my point of view.

As for the weight it too should not be underestimated as we are talking about well 500 grams that after a few hours of use they could start to be felt.

materials used for the construction of the headphones are not bad, however, I would have expected more even in this case as they are headphones with a not very low price.

The arch that supports the pavilions is made of resistant aluminum and the surface where the head of the head rests is well padded.

What makes me turn up my nose is the plastic the pavilions are made of: the real problem with these headphones.

Although it is a good plastic (I have seen worse even on models that cost more than double) the sensation they give back to the touch is not that of a couple of headphones premium quality.

Despite being plastic, the pavilions are very sturdy when you try to put them under stress.

Il flexible microphone it is well coated but does not offer enough rigidity to be folded in any position: it always returns slightly to the natural one.


As for the fabric and the padding of the pavilions, I can define myself satisfied as despite the flaws listed above the headphones once worn are very comfortable and soundproof enough.

The last negative note is the thread: I personally think it is too coarse. A few centimeters from the left lobe (from which the thread starts) we then find the headphone controller: made this time with poor plastic that makes it tacky and almost superfluous.


Sound quality and specifications

Le Gamdias Hephaestus P1 have drivers audio from the size of 50 mm which manage to ensure great sound power and good audio quality.

It is not common to have 50mm driver precisely because if on the one hand the ears benefit from it, on the other hand it is the neck that has to deal with the greater weight.

Le Hephaestus P1 they are RGB gaming headphones Equipped with Virtual Surround 7.1 sound technology which helps to involve the gamer in the sessions of Gaming.

The headphones therefore offer with a sensitivity of 119 dB and an impedance of 32 Ohms a good sound quality and a lot of power, more than you can need.

The peripheral can be connected to the PC exclusively through USB cable coated in gold.

For a better gaming and listening experience, it is advisable to set the best settings for your ear through the software. Gamdias HERA which we will talk about shortly.


RGB and HERA software

Customization RGB of these gaming headphones it is by no means the best around: unfortunately, as clearly visible from the screens below the software HERA owner of Gamdias is an eyesore!

Although 10 years ago it would have been an excellent software since it does its job fully today, as a graphic designer and web-writer, I feel like saying that the eye does its part and such crude software has not been seen for years. .

Le lighting modes RGB are many and all work properly, even the mix and the settings panel does its duty.

What is missing is the care of the software, the organization in a clean and elegant way.

In other words, the leap in quality is missing.


Hepahestus P1 Conclusions

Le Hephaestus P1 are a decent gaming headset from GAMDIAS, but unfortunately for them they are offered at a price that is not the most balanced in Spain.

At the time I speak this headset da gaming is above 70 euros: the rapporto qualità / prezzo it is absolutely not among the cheapest on the market.

For a lower price I might seriously consider buying a similar pair of headphones, but for the price they are offered, I am of the opinion that you can find much better.

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