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    • MSI clutch GM41 lightweight V2

    • Weight: 65gr
    • DPI: 16000
    • Cool Master MM711

    • Weight: 60 gr
    • DPI: 16000
    • Razer - DeathAdder V2

    • Weight: 82gr
    • DPI: 20000
    • Logitech G Pro Wireless

    • Weight: 80gr
    • DPI: 25600

    You have finally managed to accumulate a substantial swag and can afford to buy a mouse from gaming, but you don't know which one to buy?

    Or are you simply looking for something that suits you without incurring excessive expenses?

    The Team is ready in this one guide, to lead you to the choice of the best mouse capable of perfecting your gaming experience. Although it may seem superfluous to many, in fact, keyboard and gaming mouse they are essential for those who really love to play on the PC.

    Gaming Mouse • Budget range

    In this section you will, of course, find the best ones gaming mouse from the lowest cost, starting from barely acceptable proposals up to something more discreet.

    Only the best gaming mice, with the best quality at the lowest price. Products therefore, able to do their job very well, without spending a fortune.

    Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC 

    Let's get off to a great start with our guide on best gaming mice with one of the largest and most important companies in the sector which we had not yet mentioned: Logitech.

    The model examined is the G203, which can be said, without too many fuss, that it is probably the best in its price range, as well as among the best sellers.

    It is comfortable, designed for playing and also has numerous and pleasant LEDs.

    We remind you that through the appropriate tool Logitech for the management of the peripherals you will be able to refine and adjust various and possible settings. The DPI is adjustable from 200 to 8000.

    The mouse wheel also in this case, however, is not sliding but "clicks".

    The users who purchased the product were fully satisfied. We particularly recommend it for the rapporto qualità / prezzo advantageous.

    This could be a great choice! Add the product to your cart and think about it in the meantime!


    The Taiwanese company MSI perhaps it does not have a vast catalog in terms of peripherals, such as mice for example. Nevertheless, the clutch GM41 lightweight V2 it is certainly among the most interesting mice of the company, thanks also to the price, around 40 euros.

    It is a very light mouse. Its frame weighs only 65 grams, and allows you to use the product easily, thanks also to excellent ergonomics.

    Going more on the technical, we find the excellent optical sensor PixArt PMW-3389, Up to 16000 customizable DPI, switch Omron well-made, designed to last up to well 60 millions of clicks. There are also 5 keys, two of which are lateral.

    One of its strengths is definitely the software. The mouse is compatible with the technology Nvidia Reflex, and it will therefore be possible to make the most of the performance it offers. Finally, there are LEDs on the surface of the mouse, which can be customized using MSI's Mystic Light software.

    Mouse da gaming • Fascia media

    In this section of our guide the quality of the products and their reliability will be better than in the previous one.

    The mid-range of the market is perhaps among the most purchased, and in this part of the guide to best gaming mice, we will offer you the best solutions on the market, and able to give you discrete satisfaction. Products that, therefore, have very little to envy to other higher-end ones.

    Glorious Modello D

    Il Glorious Modello D it is certainly among the most interesting proposals in the mid-range. This mouse has an optimized chassis especially in the weight, thanks to the honeycomb holes on the surface of the mouse, which make it light and ergonomic. This will also allow you to always have a cool palm, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

    Even the cord, made of rope, is particularly light, almost not to feel the weight, looking like a wireless mouse in all respects.

    In this mouse, we find a sensor PixArt PMW-3360, e switch Omron, can guarantee up to 20 millions of clicks. There are also two side buttons here, indispensable especially in shooter games.

    The Glorious software allows you to adjust the DPI, Up to 12000. It also allows you to adjust the color of the LEDs on the surface of the mouse. Finally, the mouse has an acceleration of 50G, and a polling rate of 1000 Hz.

    Its price is around 55 euros. A really well made product for the required amount, able to make you play to the best of possibilities, without particular compromises.

    Logitech G502

    Now let's change the product and get closer to something more squared off, with a house mouse logitech.

    Il model in question is the G502 HERO.

    He owns a sensore Logitech HERO da 16.000 DPI, adjustable in 5 levels, from 200 to 16000 DPI.

    It has 11 programmable keys, however, which are not comparable to those of a peripheral for MMO, as arranged differently. The refresh rate is 1 ms.

    As shown in the figure, this mouse also has the possibility of manage weight removing and putting weights modular included.

    The Logitech G502 Hero is a truly extraordinary product for anyone who wants to enter professional gaming without spending an excessive amount. Its price is around 50 euros, however the mouse is great quality therefore the expense is justified!

    Cool Master MM711

    La Cooler Master, more than other houses, has been able to offer excellent products for gamers. Mice are no exception, as seen on other occasions.

    Il Cool Master MM711 it continues on the road already traced by the Corsair M65 of which it proposes build quality and aesthetic line. No big news in design and ergonomics should be expected, but the mouse is truly impressive.

    The resolution of new PixArt sensor pmw3389, pari a 16000 DPI, it might seem a relevant number to the less experienced, but it is only one of the many factors for which to choose this gaming mouse over others.

    La constructive quality is unique: the switches installed, manufactured by Omron, guarantee an estimated longevity in 20 millions of clicks; The scroll wheel massive is designed for FPS.

    HyperX Pulsefire Stem 

    We introduce HyperX in the glorious catalog of best gaming mice for PC!

    The Pulsefire Haste is well researched: solid but extremely light, the right size and the not excessive price, two side buttons and 16.000 DPI. Discover the full review.

    A quality sensor cannot be missing in a mouse of this build quality. In this HyperX there is in fact a Pixart 3335, an extremely precise sensor often mounted in even more expensive mice.

    Its design adapts perfectly to any type of handle (Palm, Claw, Fingertip).

    The Pulsefire Haste is certainly a great choice if you are looking for a light but solid, and above all, reliable gaming mouse.

    Its price, around 45 euros, certainly makes it one of the best-buy mice in its price range. Absolutely to be taken into consideration.

    Razer – DeathAdder V2

    Another gaming giant enters the scene that appears at every fair and event as much as the one already mentioned Logitech!

    We are talking about the immense Razer, which has made its way over the years thanks to its unforgettable products from typical green color.

    The article in question is called DeathAdder and is priced slightly higher than the previous rival. While his Chroma version it costs about 10 euros more than the standard.

    These mice are known for their excellent build quality, even if the prices are a little inflated by the rigor that this company presents. But it is also right to address a specific target without selling off one's products.

    The mouse is very simple: it owns two side buttons, presents a sensor da 20.000 DPI ed 1 ms response. The programmable keys are 8. Despite its "simplicity", the mouse hides a really good quality.

    It is a bestbuy in its category and the production quality is excellent: i gamer they are fully satisfied with this peripheral.

    Make sure you also have a state-of-the-art video card to be able to enjoy the best experience on FPS online and with Razer.

    Gaming Mouse • High-end

    We are now preparing to review the products highest-end and most expensive on the market.

    This category of devices are the top of comfort currently available, and guarantee unprecedented quality, provided that an often large amount is spent. If you decide to buy a mouse in this price range, you will find yourself in front of a premium product!

    In any case, we see below the best gaming mice, as far as the highest end of the market is concerned.

    Steelseries Prime Wireless

    We can definitely say that Steelseries is among the best companies on the market, especially when it comes to mice.

    Il Prime Wireless guarantees uncompromising quality and performance. Optimized for esports games, it has an acceleration up to 40G, and a polling rate of 1000 Hz, all in a body that only weighs 80 grams.

    Its flagship is above all the optical sensor, Truemove Air, In collaboration with pix art, which guarantees unparalleled precision. The revolutionary switches Prestige OM they also take advantage of neodymium magnets to deliver crisp and reliable clicks, and up to 100 million clicks.

    Finally, the battery is able to guarantee up to 100 hours of real use. You will therefore not have any interruptions, even during the most intense gaming sessions.

    To have this mouse in your hands you have to spend a lot. We are talking about about 100 euros. A figure, however, certainly well spent if you are looking for a mouse that is practically perfect in all its forms.

    Razer Naga Pro

    If you are looking for the ultimate gaming mouse, and your favorite titles are among the best MMO, MOBA or FPS games, the Razer Naga Pro it is almost a compulsory choice. A PC mouse that must not be missing in your workstation.

    The leading company in the sector proposes in this case a wireless mouse with an excellent sensor Razer Focus+ by well 20000 DPI, and proprietary optical switches, always precise and without any delay.

    As I told you, this mouse is particularly suitable for games MMO, MOBA e FPS. In fact, there are three interchangeable panels in the package: from 2, 6 or 12 buttons completely configurable according to your needs, and that will allow you to make the most of the mouse based on the title you are playing.

    The mouse is wireless, and the battery guarantees a duration of over 100 hours. If you want, you can also use the mouse while it is charging, so that you don't have to interrupt the game session in progress.

    For about 130 euros, you can take home a mouse that is perfect in every aspect, which will allow you to play perfectly in almost any capacity you want to play. Not to be missed.

    Logitech G Pro Wireless

    Logitech G Pro Wireless

    Il Logitech G Pro Wireless it is probably one of the top-of-the-range gaming mice most loved by enthusiasts.

    We are talking about a highly professional product also used in esports competitions.

    The packaging in which the product is contained is very accurate and extremely elegant, and the enormous quality of the mouse is easily understood from the packaging.

    In addition to being extremely accurate thanks to the Hero 25K sensor which supports up to 25.600 DPI, it also has some really interesting features.

    The Logitech G Pro Wireless is extremely responsive even if it lacks the cable. The battery has an autonomy of about 48 hours, however it also supports wireless gaming charging using the official mat. There are also 8 programmable keys.

    Ultimately this top of the range mouse which gives all other companies a hard time.

    Best Gaming Mice • Which to Choose?

    What allows us to distinguish a gaming mouse from a simple office mouse or from a mouse designed for laptops? What are the characteristics that these devices must possess at all costs in order to become part of this small and privileged circle?

    Mice must have many characteristics to be respected to be good products, so let's see what are the essential characteristics that every good gaming mouse must have for it to be of good quality.

    What is a gaming mouse?

    First of all, you must know that not all reception devices currently available on the market can be defined as "gaming".

    If you don't know which is the best "mouse" to play, don't worry, if this is the tip you need, you will soon have the answers you need.

    Necessary and fundamental condition to define a mouse from gaming is that the signal is sent smoothly or delayed!

    Gaming Mouse • DPI and sensitivity accuracy

    DPI (dots per inch), indicate the sensitivity with which the cursor on monitor. This unit indicates i displacement pixels that will be reached with one one inch shift.

    In generally the greater the DPI the more reliable or of good quality our device will be, however we must not take into consideration only them, on the contrary, sometimes having “too many” is not an advantage.

    Usually gaming mouse they have buttons for configuring the speeds, which are very useful when using applications or video games.

    Finally we can divide them into "accelerated" and "not accelerated": usually only i mouse “For the office” can be defined as accelerated because they cover portions of different pixels with the same movement on the mat carried out at different speeds.

    For example by moving the mouse by 5 centimeters we will have slowly covered a shorter distance on the monitor than we would have reached by moving the mouse always the same distance but with a different one speed.

    a parameter important thing on the best mouse today is also the weight. Some modern mice in fact allow you to balance the weight according to your needs, making them more or less light.

    Also keep in mind to buy coupons gaming mouse pads to make the most of your devices (even if they are cheap). It may seem trivial, but sometimes a mouse pad dramatically increases the accuracy of a mouse.

    Gaming Mouse • Optical or laser sensor?

    The eternal debate also looms in the feud between the sensor laser optical: these two different reception systems have subtle differences.

    • The sensors laser: they usually read more DPI, they work best on shiny surfaces and although slightly detached from them, they finally present acceleration generally.
    • The sensors opticians: they are to be used preferably on matt surfaces, as they can present problems with accuracy due tointerpolation.

    players they generally agree that the best sensor to be used in videogames be that optical.

    Mouse da gaming • Palm, Claw, Fingertip grips

    In considering a mouse, as we have seen, there are many variables to consider!

    A very important constant is also the design, which however must always be accompanied by a good structure, and in some cases with the more expensive products it may seem that certain complex and artificial constructions go to adversely affect the comfort, as in reality probably the constructive complexity only serves to allow a better grip.

    Try to pay particular attention to the materials: especially if you are about to spend a large sum, make sure the materials are of excellent workmanship.

    Poor quality index can also be high noisiness of the product (often the effect of plastic or poor production).

    Gaming mice by game type • FPS, MMO, TSP…

    Finally, it is important to remember that they exist mouse with various keys lateral (usually used for MMOs).

    This category differs from the previous ones because the use that will have to be made of it is different and therefore includes a narrower circle of users.

    Especially if you keep a mouse in your hand for practically most of the day, it must necessarily be comfortable, produced with good materials, and therefore comfortable. All of this is sure to benefit your health in the long run.

    Gaming Mouse • Conclusions

    If you have made it this far, you have probably already selected some product that has caught your attention in a particular way.

    We have listed the best gaming mice to play starting from cheaper to that top analyzing specifically also the rapporto qualità / prezzo.

    Only valid and noteworthy products have been included, ideal for making your gaming station functional and beautiful to look at. In this regard, we also recommend our guide to choosing the best gaming chair to complete a modern and youthful workstation.

    The team invites you to contact us and comment. We will be ready to satisfy your every need.

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