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    • BeQuiet Pure Base 500

    • High quality Mid Tower!
    • Fans: 2x 140mm
    • ATX
    • NZXT H510

    • A minimal and quality case at an affordable price
    • Fans: 2x 120mm
    • ATX
    • Fractal Design Meshify C

    • Quality that cannot be renounced
    • Fans: 2x 120mm
    • ATX
    • Fractal Design Torrent E-ATX

    • The case with the best airflow of all!
    • Ventole: 3x 140mm, 2x 180mm
    • E-ATX
    • Lian Li Q58

    • Very little space, but a lot of quality!
    • No fan included
    • Mini-ITX

    You are looking for a good one case and gaming for your PC?

    You got it! You are in the right place at the right time!

    I welcome you to the official guide on the best case e cabinet per gamer!

    Gaming PC Cases • The best computer cases

    In the following Buying Guide we will discover together i best gaming houses: divided by price range and we will analyze the peculiarities, pros and cons.

    But first let's see together what are the factors to consider when you are about to buy a case per PC!

    You can easily browse the following article through the index below:

    • Gaming pc cases: introduction
    • Which one to buy
    • Cheap gaming pc cases
    • Mid-range gaming PC case
    • High-end gaming pc case

    Gaming PC Case • Introduction

    What are the considerations to make before buying a case and gaming?

    Definitely dimensions, format support ATX, weight, connectors, fans included, airflow and much more.

    Let's see more specifically what makes a case per computer a real case and gaming.

    Typically a case and gaming stands out from the others cabinet due to a more aggressive and sophisticated style.

    However, it is not true that i case and gaming they just have to be aesthetically sound and rich in LED RGB to the point of even becoming "tacky".

    These "boxes" must in fact meet certain standards and in many cases it also affects theirs clean design, clean and extremely simple.

    I will try to please everyone by proposing different types of case and gaming of the most varied types and brands on the market.

    Gaming PC Case • Which should you buy?

    Well, the time has come to get down to business, so without getting lost in further talk, let's immediately see what are the most important features to keep an eye on when buying a case per pc da gaming:

    • Compatibility with motherboard and power supply: as many will know there is a standard in the world of PCs called ATX, it serves to establish the compatibility between the various components. For example if a case and gaming is formed ATX compatibility (in terms of size) is ensured with power supplies and motherboards ATX.
      While if it is Mini-ATX or micro-ATX it will be necessary to verify that all the components are of the same dimensional standard.
    • Another factor not to be underestimated is certainly the compatibility with the video card: you could find yourself in your hand one GPU very bulky three-fan and you may realize too late that it does not fit in length into the case.
      It is therefore advisable to check the maximum length of the GPU supported in your case and gaming.
    • Airflow: let's first make it clear that it's not a bad word! L'airflow is the flow that air follows within a case and gaming. This means that if your case has no vents and it is tight there will be no airflow in it, while if your case has vents with installable fans and enough space in it the airflow should be fine.
      Generally, the fans are mounted in the front and out from the rear and top. This configuration allows thehot air to exit first from CASE​!
    • It is always good to check the maximum dimensions supported for video cards as well as those for air coolers.
    • If you are gifted with multiple Hard Disk ed SSD check that the case and gaming has enough slots inside to hold them all!
    • Now let's divide the houses into categories to classify their size: they exist case da gaming full-tower, middle-tower,mini-tower e micro-tower.
      Also in this case it is not a question of bad words but only of terms to classify the products.
      Personally, I advise anyone who wants to customize their gaming station to aim for at least one middle tower (provided it has no problems in terms of space).
    • It is also necessary to consider whether the purchase of the house includes: LED RGB, ventole, dust filters (very useful, believe me on my word), peripherals I / O (e.g. USB3.0, card reader etc.).

    Without getting lost in further chat, let's now go to the more interactive part of the guide on best gaming pc cases: the real one!

    We will break down all case and gaming in various price ranges so that we will make it easier to navigate in the guide.

    I remind you that the team has no interest in suggesting certain brands rather than others and will always be transparent in the judgment of an article.

    Case PC gaming • Case da gaming economici

    Let's move towards the first section of the guide on best gaming pc cases: in this paragraph we will certainly find products economic from which therefore we can not expect an excellent build quality.

    Yet despite the low prices we will only insert gods case and gaming valid

    Purchase of these is recommended cheap gaming houses to those on a very tight budget and can't aim for something more interesting.

    Let's start immediately with the first article of the guide on the best gaming houses!

    Thermaltake – Versa H15

    The first product that we insert in the guide is from Thermaltake: well-known brand that produces countless components for the PC, including precisely case e cabinet.

    It is probably the lowest priced product we can recommend.

    There are many houses that can be purchased at even lower figures on amazon, however, despite the lights and LEDs they possess, they suggest a good product in most cases it is exactly the opposite.

    Il Thermaltake Versa H15 it also comes with a version with a window that costs just a few euros more.

    Our advice however if you are interested in a gaming case with window is to move on to the next product.

    Cooler Master – MasterBox

    Always among the most reliable and qualitatively valid we find Cooler Master: a leading company in the world market of various technologies and hardware products.

    The work done in this case is excellent: the masterbox it is a "lite" version of the more expensive and well-kept Master Case.

    Il case and gaming it looks extremely good from the point of view of aesthetics and is extremely spacious inside for the price range in which it finds its place.

    A rear fan is included 120 mm and the screen that allows you to install the power supply in a hidden and invisible way (as well as all the various hard disks and SSDs).

    It is an excellent product for quality / price ratio. If you are aiming for something better, all you have to do is move on to the next section of the guide!

    Case PC gaming • fascia media

    Now in the second section of the guide on best gaming houses we have to recommend gods mid-range cabinet that have more interesting specifications than the previous ones.

    In this case we set out to advise case da gaming, yes well-made, but above all recently released, always keeping us below the threshold of 100 euros.

    Will you be bored of seeing the same proposals on the market for years? Well the time has come for a change: take the step forward right on!

    Silent PC Signal SG1X TG RGB

    This is one of the best houses in terms of value for money that we have ever reviewed on our portal.

    The name of the brand may not remind you of anything: it is an emerging brand, but rest assured that in a few years it will be among the most renowned in the sector.

    SilentiumPC puts a lot of quality and commitment into its products and this Signum SG1X is proof of that.

    They are well 2 tempered glass panels and well 4 RGB fans included (all managed by the RGB controller).

    If you want to learn more, you just have to read the review of the SilentiumPC SG1X TG RGB!

    Thermaltake View 21

    First of all we present the Thermaltake View 21 which is an extremely elegant and recently released case with side windows and "listen, hear" the material used for this jewel is tempered glass.

    All at a sensibly low price!

    Il case and gaming it is then obviously equipped with all the most important connections among which we mention just to name one USB third generation.

    Aesthetically, the product is very good, simple in appearance and well equipped inside.

    It is present cover for the PSU which hides the power supply cables well, as well as the connection slots of the hard disk ed SSD.

    At this price it is a product to consider.

    Therefore I leave you the purchase link below.

    High-end gaming PC case

    In this last section of our guide on best gaming houses we will present the high-end proposals with great features and less affordable prices.

    Let's start immediately without getting lost in further chat!

    Corsair Crystal 570X

    The most recent Corsair Crystal 570X it's a case and gaming with great potential: very elegant but at the same time aggressive and with an appearance that is very different from the previous article.

    Il Crystal 570X, tempered glass is a CASE​ from the "traditional" shape, with well 3 ventole LED RGB already included in the package.

    The most striking part of this case is the fact that it is all in tempered glass: has no metal panels on either side!

    Great for setups with custom liquid cooling e modding of various kinds.

    It is a houses with an important price, but which certainly offers equally important features.

    Below is the link to check the price in real time:

    Thermaltake Core P5

    As the first article of this price range we insert the Thermaltake Core P5: immense houses and really well done.

    Premium materials, especially if you buy the version with tempered glass.

    It is a case and gaming very special and prepared for modding: it is in fact designed to install liquid cooling systems on it.

    From personal experience I recommend checking the size before purchasing.

    Together with case and gaming PCI Express riser which serves to positional the Video Card in vertical position.

    Nothing to add. Excellent materials, very spacious and well organized!

    Il best gaming case for those who want to create a custom liquid plant.

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