Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • Aorus motherboard

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Today we are examining a very interesting motherboard model: we are talking about the Gigabyte GA-ZX370 GAMING K5.

In this review we will dwell on all the most interesting characters of the following mobo for AMD processors also entering into the detail of the technical specifications.

Let's not get lost in further chat and immediately see the most interesting ones Features area of  Gigabyte home mobo!


GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • Aorus motherboard


For simplicity we will try to divide the following review / guide on 'AX370 GAMING K5 in several paragraphs in which we will examine one after the other all the most important characteristics.

La Gigabyte AX370 Gaming K5 (nicknamed Aorus) is above all a good mid-range card: it can also be found above € 150.

It is a mobo per build AMD very respectable.

Let's get started right away!


GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • Aesthetics

First of all, let's define the aesthetics of the product: it is one motherboard very well finished and dark / black color, therefore excellent for the vast majority of configurations.

As for aesthetics, we can certainly say nothing: in addition to being treated in detail, the mobo it is also equipped with a RGB lights which allow it to make a great impression also thanks to the  tool Gigabyte for the proper control of them via desktop.

The three slot PCI Express 3.0 are reinforced with the classic PCI Armor which in addition to giving a certain security to those who buy the product also has an excellent aesthetic.

The rear connectors are finally covered with armor black which bears the inscription Aorus homonymous of the house Gigabyte.

Equally attractive is the chipset: he too cared for the smallest details.

So if aesthetics is a parameter to which you pay particular attention to this Gigabyte motherboard it should certainly satisfy you.

Later we will see better how to set the various LED RGB through the app center of Gigabyte.


GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • General Features

THEAX370 Gaming K5 is a motherboard very recent therefore it offers the newest technologies among which theUSB 3.1 Gen 2, just to name one.

It is in fact one motherboard for AMD Ryzen processors which therefore possesses a socket AM4 and in this case a X370 chipset.

La mobo in question has a form factor ATX.

Il chipset that we have already named is the one that offers the most features to the user or the best while the cheaper B350, A320, X300 and so on will be more castrated.

Il X370 chipset will allow you to carry out in complete tranquility overclock, will have available 24 PCI lanes respectively divided into: 16 for PCI Express, 4 for the chipset and 4 more for SSD NVme.

There is obviously support for DDR4 RAM in dual channel Non-ECC up to an overall maximum in the system of 64 GB di RAM.

Furthermore also i RAM memory modules with XMP technology are supported.

Obviously there is a door HDMI. However, I remember that the CPU AMD they don't own one integrated graphics card.

As for the functions of SLI/Crossfire there is full support from the AX370 Gaming K5.

The two slot PCI Express in mode SLI for NVIDIA or Crossfire for AMD they will get exactly 8 lines each.

Ultimately there is support for input voltage control USB and full support for the PCI Express NVme SSD (SSD M2).


GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • Connectivity

There are countless connectors available on theAX370 Gaming K5 and all very functional.

Let's see now what are the connectors USB implemented in this motherboard:

  • 4 simple USB 2.0 in the rear panel
  • 3 USB 3.1 Gen. 2 TYPE-A on the rear panel
  • 1 USB 3.1 Gen. 2 TYPE-C on the rear panel
  • 6 USB 3.1 Gen. 1 on the rear panel

We have therefore seen how the Gigabyte motherboard is equipped with connection systems USB most advanced and updated currently available.

As far as the rear panel is concerned, it will be possible to connect at least 5 connectors audio jack for configurations Dolby Surround.

We remember in fact that the Gigabyte Aorus motherboard owns one audio card integrated with excellent Japanese capacitors.



GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • BIOS & App Center

Let's now analyze the BIOS and the App Center!

Il BIOS, although it is still well done, it flaws in aesthetics and it is less user friendly than those used by other manufacturers of motherboards.

It is a BIOS a bit old-fashioned and not fully interactive in windowed mode but it does its job well.

What you can see above is just one of the App Center features available in Windows.

Among the most important we mention:

  • The update of the BIOS means Gigabyte App, which can happen via their servers and even while the PC is turned on.
  • Easy Tune (for overclock), Fast boot, bios setup, V-Tuner (to manage the voltages) and much more.
  • Also always through windows and appropriate App you can manage the play of lights of LED RGB present on the motherboard. L'App in question is RGB Fusion.

These are just some of the Features present in Gigabyte's App Center, which seems to be very well organized.


GA-AX370 Gaming K5 Review • Conclusions

Come to the end of this brief review of the AX370 Gaming K5 we cannot say that we are in front of one poor motherboard.

Indeed the little gem of the house Gigabyte it has all the key features needed by the professional user: going from aesthetics to functionality.

We have talked extensively about the following product based on our personal experience in contact with it.

The thanks you for reading and invites you if you have any questions to leave a comment below.

Keep following us!

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