Google Adds Lens OCR to Google Photos (Web)

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Why keep a function closed in an application that could also express important advantages outside of it? So that's why Google has also expanded a Google Photos for Web what today the group had encapsulated in Google Lens, generating a service of sure usefulness which can be drawn on for many reasons: textual recognition.

Copy text from image

The proof is simple: if you go to Google Photos ( and it opens one image containing textual elements, a new "Copy text from image" button appears on the screen. At the click, Google analyzes the images and transforms the recognized textual elements into text, allowing easy copy / paste at this point.

For example, imagine that you need to derive a text from a brochure to be able to modify it: what previously had to be done by looking for OCR tools online, now Google can do it automatically with a simple click, making this type of operation extremely easy.

The possible use cases are varied: the extrapolation of a sentence from a book, the photograph of an invoice to obtain some data, the photo of an article to extrapolate a passage. And much more, with the ability to recognize texts of various kinds and on various media.

In reality, the service translation path seems to be only at the beginning: Lens functions are richer and more in-depth, but this first step suggests a future deeper integration of services to spread them both on Android and on desktop (through services Web). Not only that: if simultaneous translation is added to the text recognition, a service of enormous daily utility will be born before your eyes, very easy to use and born simply from the combination of already completely existing pieces under the roof of Mountain View.

“Copy text from image” is therefore only the beginning, but further news will soon transform our Google Photos repository into something much richer, usable and smart.

Google Adds Lens OCR to Google Photos (Web)
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