Google and Lega Serie A: a football to piracy

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La Serie A League e Google have signed an agreement that will allow the former to protect the copyright on their contents and the latter to be able to collaborate in the best possible way on the protection of their platform. The consequence of this handshake is tangible and immediate: following the report by the Lega Serie A, Google immediately removed from the Play Store those apps that illegally reproduced contents related to the Serie A championship in the hottest moments of the tournament. it is ending.

But it doesn't end there:

[…] The Serie A warnings to hosting providers continue. After obtaining the disabling of hosting on the Worldstream and OVH clouds, the main internet intermediary exploited by online piracy is now Cloudflare, against which the necessary legal actions have been initiated.

Fight against piracy

A few hours after the collapse of a vast network of illegal IPTV via pezzotto, in this case involving 1,5 million Italians, even the apps for illegal streaming have been stopped to avoid further dispersion. It should be remembered how piracy is one of the main problems of modern football, which thrives on television rights and with the latter undermined by the presence of a large number of illegal channels that corrode potential monetization. All this becomes less tolerable precisely in the year of the great crisis of football and publishers, with piracy becoming an unsustainable obstacle to the monetization of the fans' public.

Romelu Lukaku and Giorgio Chiellini (from

So Luigi De Servant, CEO of Lega Serie A: "We have achieved great results in the fight against piracy, but we cannot let our guard down because organized crime is always finding new ways to damage our sector, to the detriment not only of the rights holders, but also of licensees and fans. I thank the police for their support in this battle and DcP, which has been assisting us for years in the fight against the spread of illegal services: we will soon reach a level of protection that is unique in the world ". The comment of Fabio Vaccarono, Vice President of Google, Managing Director of Google in Italy: "The fight against piracy represents a constant commitment for Google, also through the development and continuous improvement of ad hoc technologies and dedicated programs, available to the owners of the contents for the protection their rights on our platforms. The meeting and dialogue with the rights holders are essential for a quality result: the successful collaboration with Lega Serie A is proof of this ”.

The DcP activity, in particular, led to the inhibition of 28 IPTVs in 2018-19, 101 in the following year and already 124 in the 2020-2021 season alone (not yet completed): a pursuit work that will now have more weapons powerful to its arsenal thanks to the collaboration of Google Italy.

The agreement between the parties provides not only the collapse of the reported apps, but also proactive tools (evidently in the wake of the Content ID active on the musical front) useful for a greater protection of the contents of the Lega Serie A on Google platforms. In perspective, therefore, the League will be able to monetize its contents on Google channels more and better, opening up to a season of collaborations which, in cascade, will have to return greater collective advantage to the Serie A movement.

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