Google Authenticator 5.1: the news (minimum)

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The previous version was from 2017 and had performed its function without problems since then: Google Authenticator comes today to 5.1 release with a small make-up that updates the app in some simple details, simply adapting it to today to allow it to continue its service.

Google Authenticator 5.1

Google Authenticator (download here) is an app that allows you to carry on one two-step verification (2FA) using the smartphone as a gateway for the certification of the user's identity: thanks to this process, you can provide your online accounts with an additional layer of security, avoiding fraud and identity theft.

Two-Step Verification increases the security of your Google Account by requiring a second verification step upon signing in. In addition to the password, you will need a code generated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

Among the news announced there is the possibility of a easy import / export of accounts, as well as a graphic revision that adapts the app to the interfaces of the latest generation of smartphones. Maximum result with minimum effort, in short, to simply allow Authenticator to continue its service without frills that can annoy or news that can destabilize the user experience on a tool that is as useful as it is essential.

How it works

Google Authenticator uses HOTP and TOTP algorithms to generate tokens useful for confirming an identity. The user who uses the service can leverage his smartphone to confirm his identity on sites, apps and online services and no scam can be carried out to the detriment of the identity of the same if you do not have direct access to the smartphone. The "two-step verification" can thus be carried out through open standards and with tokens lasting 60 seconds, upon expiry of which a new one is generated.

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