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Il automatic corrector arrives on Google Docs. The novelty was announced on the occasion of Google Cloud Next as a new, yet another, improvement to a service that over time has introduced many small innovations to get closer in an increasingly important way to what are the most well-known and widespread productivity software services. Today Google Docs is a reality for the world of collaborative work and the arrival of an automatic corrector will allow a faster revision of the texts in favor of the goodness of the final result.

According to Google, more than 4 million companies are using the paid version of G Suite today. For this reason, improving the service continuously is fundamental: these companies (including Whirpool, Nielsen, Broadcom) have poured their trust in the suite and expect a constant update of the services and accessible opportunities included in the price.

The automatic corrector

What the corrector will do is an assistance service to the author: possible grammatical errors will be highlighted with a blue chromatic stroke, allowing their identification and easy resolution: with a click the user can choose whether to delete the notification ( thus certifying that he has verified the indicated word) or whether to accept the suggestion to replace the word with another.

The tool can be freely activated by the service utilities. Again, the evolutionary process is based on machine learning, injecting further intelligence into the text analysis capabilities of Google Docs. However, the service will not be immediately accessible to everyone, as it implies an initial phase of adaptation that will be available for those who want to access the Early Adopter Program. A special form is available for registration.

More G Suite news

Among the other news announced:

  • Security center investigation
    An intelligent panel analyzes the activities of the users of its suite to report any anomalies and allow you to intervene, for example by blocking the possibility of a corporate data leak in the bud. Doing so offers a tool that allows you to monitor the situation constantly and proactively, evaluating traditional usage patterns to highlight those anomalies that could be symptomatic of ongoing attacks, identity theft, stolen documents and other circumstances;
  • Data Region
    Each company will be able to decide where to dispose of its data, thus having full control over it also in relation to the current legislative context: although Google dislocates the data to optimize redundancy also in geographical terms, each company can choose how to limit the management of its archives so as to be able to better respond to individual regulations;
  • Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat
    The analysis of the text of the messages received enables suggestions related to the replies: instead of writing new text it will be possible to simply click on one of the possible replies, thus allowing a further refinement of the message by adding free text;
  • Smart Compose
    Based on the same principle as Smart Reply, Smart Compose allows the automatic composition of emails in standard circumstances that require standard messages. The approach is the canonical one expressed by Google in every context: AI must not replace humans, but must facilitate the most repetitive tasks so that they can concentrate their added value on creativity: this is also the case for Smart Compose, which offers assistance. for relatively simple tasks and based on automatisms. Initially planned for consumer users, Smart Compose will arrive on G Suite within a few weeks;
  • Voice commands per Hangouts Meet
    The prodigies of voice interaction are brought to the devices for videoconferencing, facilitating this type of interaction in this particular type of context: the rollout is expected within the year.

Google estimates that 74% of the time spent on the various applications of its suite is oriented to a collaborative work, thus operating on completely different paradigms from the typical individual work enabled by traditional productivity packages. G Suite is a field choice, in short, and in this context Google aspires to have the best offer available on the market.

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