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Sudden problem sui server Google. In these minutes many of the group's servers are not reachable from Italy, but it is not clear what could have happened. Both the Google Cloud Status Dashboard and the Google Workplace Dashboard, in fact, at the moment do not yet report malfunctions, but the reality is that Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube and other services return an "Error 500".

Google Status Dashboard: The issues have not yet been reported

This is certainly not a common fact: isolated malfunctions are clearly part of the order of things, but a similar case, with a distributed down on all the servers, is something unprecedented.

SECURITY UPDATE TRAINING: The problem has been solved. These are the reasons for today's down.

Google down: what happens?

The problem seems to involve all services, including Google Play from which you can download apps for Android, as well as Google Hangounts and Google Meet for communications.

In the meantime, one of the first side effects is the interruption of distance learning: the fall of Classroom suddenly prevented access to the communications in place and the lessons were interrupted everywhere instantly.

13.19 hours update

Google confirms the problem on all of its services with a message like this:

We are aware of a problem with Gmail that affects a majority of users. Affected users are unable to sign in to Gmail. We will provide an update by 14/12/20 13:12 with details regarding the timing of the issue. Please note that resolution time is a forecast and can change.

At the moment the promised update is not yet available, but at least there is the acknowledgment of the problem and the confirmation of the fact that it involves all the Big G services: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Sites, Google Groups, Classic Hangouts, Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Vault, Currents, Google Forms, Google Cloud Search, Google Keep, Google Tasks, Google Voice.

Our tests show that the Google Assistant is also out of order, so for every “Ok Google” request the answer “There has been a problem, try again in a few seconds“.

13.30 hours update

Google services are on the upswing: we report the opening of Gmail, the return of YouTube and even the Google Assistant has started to respond. The problem appears to be recovering.

The recovery of full functionality will take place within the next few minutes, as confirmed by Google itself with an identical message on each single service affected by the problem:

The Google Drive service has already been restored for some users and we expect a resolution soon for all other users. Please note that this time frame is a forecast and may change.

14.00 hours update

Google confirms full resolution of the problem:

The problem encountered in Gmail should have been resolved for the vast majority of affected users. We will continue to work on restoring the service for users who continue to experience the issue, but we will not post further updates on the Google Workspace Status Dashboard. We assure you that system reliability is a Google priority and we are making continuous improvements to make our system better.

No explanation has yet been offered for what happened.

18.30 hours update

Google has provided its official version of what happened: here it is.

Google down! What's happening (update)
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