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Google has announced that a security update will be released for Drive. This will affect links to shared files, for some of which a new login request will have to be sent. Also new for links to unlisted videos of UAF YouTube which will automatically become private starting from next 23 July.

More security on Google Drive and YouTube

Google does not provide details on the security update, but only highlights the impact on files and videos, suggesting what to do. The update will add a "resource key”To links shared on Drive. Access to affected files will not change for people who have already viewed them or can access them directly, while other users may need to request access.

Administrators can choose how to apply the update by the 23 July. Workspace users will receive an email notification starting July 26th through September 13th with an indication of the affected files. Same effect for single users, but they will be able to remove the update.

I video not listed are the ones that are not shown in the search results on UAF YouTube, but they are accessible to users who have the direct link. Google released a security update in 2017 that makes accessing these videos more difficult. As a result, unlisted videos uploaded before 2017 will automatically become private from 23 July.

From that date, the links to the videos shared, published on social networks or inserted in web pages they won't work anymore. The owner of the YouTube channel can still request that the changes not be applied by 23 July. There are two other alternatives: setting the videos as public (they will be visible to all) or reloading the videos, but you will lose all associated data, such as views and comments (the URL will also change, so they will have to be re-entered into the websites) .

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