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Once upon a time there were i Google Glass. Insiders will remember well how the device embodied a particular idea of ​​the future, of wearable technology, of wearable chimera. But then a long series of bottlenecks channeled the project towards the failure of the experimental phase and Google Glass ended up partially in oblivion. Not entirely, however: an Enterprise version continued to keep the fire alive under the embers and today Mountain View arrives to announce the second edition: Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2.

The expected price is confirmed at dollars 999, but the sale is foreseen only to partner companies.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

The Enterprise Edition is a version of Google Glass designed for particular applications, focused on the area business, so as to speed up and optimize work thanks to a technological compendium of daily functions. Wearing smart glasses means having their potential always within reach, all while keeping your hands free for traditional operations.

The new version therefore introduces a whole series of improvements to the previous release, so as to evolve the project without changing much neither the concept nor the design. The main novelty is first of all under the body: the second version in fact provides for the use of the Qualcomm platform Snapdragon XR1 (including Qualcomm Quad Core 1.7GHz), with which it is possible to provide applications with greater computing power and an artificial intelligence engine. 3GB of memory included, Bluetooth 5.x connectivity.

Another novelty is inherent in the camera, enhanced in order to improve image quality and the ability to recognize faces, objects, environments and so on. The sensor reaches 8MP, while the image projection display reaches a size of 640 × 360. The increased battery capacity (820mAh) and the introduction of a USB Type-C that allows the quick charging of the device. All enclosed in a pair of glasses weighing 46 grams.

What is questionable is whether the Enterprise Edition may or may not be a side street with which to continue the development path of what was the chimera of the first Google Glass. We still do not have the answer: even if it is evolved, the Glass technology remains far from the great dream embodied in the first edition and the consumer application fields still seem far from being able to pave the way for consumer use on a large scale. However, Google proves to believe in the project, so much so that it continues to evolve it waiting for the miniaturization and development of new tools to transform the Glass into something to wear with ease to definitively merge one's material dimension with one's immaterial dimension.

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