Google Home Mini not responding? You are not alone

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Some headaches for the owners of the first generation of smart speaker Google. There are those who report malfunctions for the models Home e Home Mini, confirmed by the Mountain View group. This is the message that opened a conversation on the official support pages, dating back to the end of September.

Google Home Mini is not working. Four solid white lights. It does not reset. I tried to press the Reset button for over a minute. When done, it shows a solid green and three white lights. No sound. Volume controls don't work. I unplugged it and plugged it back in. No way.

Problems for Google Home Mini

Everything seems to be related to the automatic installation of an update. Today there was the intervention of bigG which communicates that it has taken charge of the reports and that it has started work on the release of a fixed in the shortest possible time. The bug found prevents the device from being used and it seems not even possible to reset using the integrated physical button.

… The team is aware of specific problems with Google Home Mini and Google Home devices not responding to commands. We are working on a fix.

Google refers to a complex problem and the desire to privately contact all those who take part in the conversations to update them on what to do.

It was very difficult for our team to investigate the issue and we understand why many of you are frustrated with the duration of the malfunction. Our support will contact the customers in this conversation through a private message in order to solve the problem and find a solution.

The thread also hosts the steps to follow to proceed to the restarting the device via the Home app. It is not known whether it is sufficient or not.

  • Make sure that the smartphone or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as the Google Home Mini device;
  • make sure the Home Mini is powered directly from a wall socket (not a USB port or multiple socket);
  • open the Google Home application;
  • select the device to restart;
  • in the upper right corner, inside the device tab, select “Settings”;
  • in the upper right corner, in the device settings, select the "More" button and then "Restart".

There are those who speak of bricking that is, the breakdown of the device linked to an error included in the firmware, with the impossibility of restoring its correct functioning. Today's Google intervention seems to rule out the hypothesis, but we will provide further updates as soon as available.

They don't seem interested in the Home Max or the Nest Hub smart display. We report that the unit of Home Mini in our possession does not present the problem, continuing to function correctly even after the arrival of the new Nest Mini which we will talk about in more detail within the next few days.

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