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Not all images or photographs found online can be used freely, as is true for any other intellectual work: some are granted by their authors with specific licenses or sold. For this reason, in order to protect those who have spent time and resources to create them as well as with the aim of helping users to use them responsibly, the Mountain View group introduces a novelty for Google Images.

Google Images, more clarity for "Rights of use"

Starting today, by searching the Google Images section, then selecting "Tools" and finally "Rights of use", a new drop-down window appears containing the options "All", "Creative Commons Licenses" e "Commercial and other licenses". This will make it easier to understand if a file can be reproduced, copied or distributed without any restrictions or if there is a need to follow other methods.

After working closely with image creators, image stock providers and digital content associations, we are rolling out some new features on Google Images to meet this need. They will make it much easier than before to find the right image to use as well as guidelines on how to get licensed to use them in your business or personal projects.

The label is also shown "Licensed" on image previews if specific licenses are required for their use, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

A click on the label opens a box from which further details can be consulted.

The novelty already seems to be accessible globally. Webmasters and those who include their images in the pages published online are advised to read the post dedicated to how to attribute to each file the correct information on how to use it so that it can then be shown to users by the search engine.

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