Google+ is gone: long live Currents

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Yet another, this time definitive goodbye to Google+: today the mobile applications of the social network have been replaced on the Play Store and App Store by those of Currents, new incarnation of the platform addressed exclusively to the enterprise environment.

The last farewell to Google+: here is Currents

The change is now over a year after the closure of the consumer version of G +, social networks never really able to compete on equal terms with competitors Facebook and Twitter despite the efforts made over time by the Mountain View group. Its business heir is designed in such a way as to emphasize the interactions between colleagues and partners in the professional context with a stream of content to be ordered at will in chronological order or by relevance. There is no shortage of tools for sharing links, images, texts, polls and files from the Drive cloud storage.

These are the features offered by Currents, accessible only by those with an account G Suite.

  • Share ideas and documents and have relevant conversations with your colleagues without flooding your inbox;
  • see the most important content first, with the ability to sort your home stream by time or relevance;
  • keep in touch with like-minded colleagues and find communities that match your interests;
  • follow the tags on the different topics. Find out what's happening in other departments and across your organization with tags on trending topics;
  • thanks to featured management posts you will always be on top of the important aspects in the entire organization;
  • use Google's advanced search to find topics and conversations that interest you;
  • Currents is only available to G Suite customers. To learn more, talk to your G Suite IT administrator.

This is not the first Google product with this name: back in 2011, bigG launched a sort of magazine in the form of an app called Currents, brought to Italy a few months later and later merged into the current platform. News.

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