Google Meet with surveys and Q&A from 8 October

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Starting Thursday, October 8, users of Google Meet they will be able to leverage on two new features of the service: the first concerns the possibility of organizing polls to collect opinions on a specific topic, the other supports a session Q & A to the interface where meetings take place.

Surveys and Q&A coming to Google Meet

The section Polish it will do exactly what is expected: it will host polls to ask other meeting members questions about the subject of the meeting with predefined answers and information on grades shown in real time as they are awarded.

The panel Questions and answers for example, it will be used by students to ask teachers for clarification without interrupting lessons, then leaving the contribution to remain available to all for consultation. As you can see from the screenshot below, it is also possible to assign a "thumbs up" (or "like") to each question.

As written at the beginning, the rollout will start on 8 October and, according to what has been announced, it will take up to 15 days to complete. Both new features are intended for meetings organized by users with an account G Suite of type Essentials, Business, Enterprise and Enterprise for Education, while they cannot be exploited by those Basic, for Education and for Nonprofits.

They will not be part of the free features of Google Meet. In this regard, we remind you that in recent days the Mountain View group confirmed that the unlimited video calls will remain free until March 2021.

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