Google Password Checkup: Is Your Password Safe?

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Yours Password are they safe? From today there is an extra tool to be able to check and possibly modify them easily: it is Google Password Checkup, a service that leverages the password memorization tool on Google Chrome to offer a real “checkup” of their state of health.

Google Password Checkup

To access the service, simply go to the official website, identify yourself with your Google Account and then go to the control. The tool was already available before, but from today it becomes the unique reference point for Google users, a real password manager for those who leave Chrome the burden of remembering their keys. The tool is therefore now accessible via the Web and via an extension, but will soon be integrated directly into the browser as the default element of the browsing experience.

Easily view and manage passwords saved in Chrome or Android. Perform a Password Checkup to increase your security. Your passwords are securely stored in your Google Account and are available on all your devices.

Once the process has started, you will receive a notice explaining the result you are encountering:

Check the security of the passwords saved in your Google Account. Find out if they have been compromised, check their effectiveness and check if you have used them more than once.

What the service is able to return is one punctual analysis of the various passwords stored under the single Google Account, comparing the list with that of the many leaks that appear on the net: if your passwords appear to be present in those of some publicly available list, this means that the password has been potentially violated and that the account is therefore potentially a victim of an exploitation by third party users (with all the consequences of the case).

Google Password Checkup also reports the repeated passwords, a situation that easily lends itself to the bad guys who, once stolen a single password, have the possibility to get hold of multiple accounts. Especially if you insist on staying guilty on the traditional 123456 and the like.

Better not to be frightened, because in most cases you will be faced with even worse situations than the one you see in the example above. The cause lies in the stratification of passwords over time: the goodness of the Google service is in the awareness that it offers users about their own accounts, often opened and then forgotten, rarely built in an intelligent way with complex and unique passwords.

The use of appropriate password managers can improve the situation, but the first solution is the aptitude for creating differentiated identifiers and the intelligence of continuous monitoring of the situation. Google Password Checkup will be able to do a lot in this regard, returning alarm situations that will force part of the user to straighten the antennas and work a few minutes on their most important accounts.

Google Password Checkup: Is Your Password Safe?
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