Google Photos: today everything changes, uploads weigh

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TheJune 1 2021, not a day like any other for users of Google Photos, most of those in possession of an Android smartphone. As announced last November, the service will no longer be "completely free" as in the past. A novelty that has made many turn up their noses.

From today, June 1, 2021, uploads to Google Photos weigh heavily

The Mountain View group decided to monetize the platform's popularity by limiting theimage upload until reaching the quota equal to 15 GB. Those who need more space must necessarily put their wallets and sign up for a One subscription so as to guarantee another slice of cloud, with prices starting from € 1,99 per month.

We are changing our unlimited storage policy for high quality. Starting June 1, 2021, photos and videos uploaded in high quality will count towards your Google Account storage space.

To those who find themselves having to deal with the new limitation introduced by Google Photos we point out the tool to free up space by eliminating unnecessary content just launched by bigG and some alternatives to consider.

As can be seen from the screenshots below, those in possession of one Pixel smartphone can benefit from another free and unlimited upload period. A bonus granted by Google to those who choose its devices.

Just open theapplication of Photos and enter the "Manage space" section to obtain an estimate useful to understand how long the storage offered will be sufficient without any expense. The calculation is made on the basis of the frequency and weight of the backups performed.

Google Photos: today everything changes, uploads weigh
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