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One of the extensions for Chrome Most Popular has been removed from the Web Store, as Google detected the presence of malware. The Mountain View company has disabled The Great Suspender proactively, so users who had installed the add-on must follow a specific procedure to recover closed tabs.

The Great Suspender contiene malware

Chrome is known for its "RAM hunger", particularly when many tabs are open. Many users have therefore installed the extension The Great Suspender which, as the name suggests, suspends the cards not in the foreground and frees up precious memory. Then just click on the tab to restore the content.

The extension is open source and the code is available on GitHub, but in November the original author sold The Great Suspender to an unknown developer. The new owner has released the version 7.1.8 with malware included which allows you to steal passwords. The later version 7.1.9 does not contain the malware, but now Google has decided to remove the extension from the Chrome Web Store (the link leads to a 404 page).

For obvious reasons, Google has also disabled the extension already installed by users. This resulted in the forced closure of suspended cards. Fortunately, there is a way to recover the cards. In the Chrome history, the string that identifies the extension must be searched, ie “klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg“. The list of suspended tabs will then be shown. For each to be the part of the link up to "& uri =" must be deleted.

On the store there are several alternatives to The Great Suspender, including The Marvellous Suspender. Users can also switch browsers. Microsoft Edge, based on Chromium, directly integrates the suspend functionality of inactive tabs.

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