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The event Search On organized by Google for yesterday evening he focused as expected on the news destined for the Search Engine, in particular those that leverage onartificial intelligence. Unpublished systems and improvements to technologies already used whose purpose is always the same: to allow users to reach the desired information in the shortest possible time and in the most reliable way.

Search On: Google and the AI ​​for the search engine

As the period dictates, instead of a live appointment from the stage and in the presence of an audience, we opted for a pre-packaged video. Here it is below in streaming for those who have not had the opportunity to follow it live.

By reviewing the news, we start from the one that, through an unprecedented algorithm based on a neural network, intervenes on the understanding of errors committed by users when writing queries. In the image a couple of examples. According to Google, around 10% of searches submitted contain them - understanding them and making suggestions accordingly has the potential to significantly improve the quality of the experience.

From now on, the search engine will also be more effective in highlighting SERP not only the most relevant pages, but also i specific steps contained within them, thus avoiding surfers from having to scroll through the entire document to find them.

By the end of the year, searches for a specific topic will lead to results enriched by those that bigG defines sub-topic or themes related to the main one. Here is an example: a query for "home training equipment" also shows "cheap training equipment", "small space training equipment" and so on.

Also in the rollout phase a technology that finds the information within the videos offering links to start playing it from that specific point. By the end of 2020 it will affect about 10% of queries globally.

As a consequence of the Data Commons Project which Google has been participating in for a couple of years now will be shown more frequently and with greater precision statistics search: below is an example for the query "how many people work in Chicago".

The tool is added to the list of announced news Pinpoint of Journalist Studio which helps journalists to navigate between archives and documents, the feature that allows find out the title of a song just humming it, you step forward in the implementation of the augmented reality di Lens in the search engine and the much talked about technology Duplex which allows the AI ​​to manage a telephone conversation by simulating the interaction of a human being.

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