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According to the Wall Street Journal emails stored in Gmail mailboxes are not secure . Google strongly denies it, and instead explains that privacy is fully guaranteed. According to the Wall Street Journal, however, there is evidence that they tell a different story. But Google has an explanation for what happened and reiterates the full security of Gmail. The controversy revolves around this tug-of-war made up of articles and posts and it is useful to understand once more how data management works and what the user can do to be the first stronghold in defense of their data.

The WSJ's accusation is based on revelations from third-party developers who, working on email clients also based on the Gmail service, they would have access to thousands of emails . The purpose would have been anything but scam: access emails in order to better develop specific services for a better experience on the inbox. But the fact that someone can deliberately access other people's mail is something that clearly goes against everything that has been known about Gmail until now.

However, Google's explanation is immediate, timely and clarifying. Simply, Gmail allows the development of third-party apps based on the Mountain View mailbox, but all this cannot be separated from the use of the API and related security rules . The development of a solution cannot therefore enable simple access to the data contained in the mailbox: only the user can spontaneously allow this access and from that moment on, the responsibility for the data is therefore no longer with Google, but with the third client and whoever manages the code.

Google therefore reiterates a clear concept since the birth of the mailbox: no one reads the mail of individuals , neither in Google, nor outside of Google. Access to emails is allowed to Google employees only when requested by the authorities (with specific methods) or by users (for assistance matters); access from the outside is instead something that only the user can enable, keeping track of this activity thanks to the Security Checkup mirror.

Nothing is more precious for Gmail than the concept of privacy: only a rich and secure mailbox is in fact able to maintain its leadership and with it all that concerns in terms of user identity control. For Google it is a precious asset and no smudging is tolerable: this is why a precise and immediate response on the subject has come from Mountain View, which is why Google wanted to lock the matter up and remember that users' mail is not touched.

Google: Trust Gmail, nobody reads your emails
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