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Today we offer you a small presentation of Itto, the Geo warrior. New character using a two-handed sword, Itto offers a relatively typical operation of Geo characters: the use of his defense stat to inflict damage. It is therefore reminiscent of Noelle.

How to play Itto?

The character has an operation centered on a "Superlative Megaforce" charge principle and its charged attacks. These charges will allow you to perform charged attacks without consuming stamina and with increased damage. If you consume all the charges, you end up with a big, very violent attack. These charges are visible on the back of the character by a symbol that lights up and a limit of 5 charges is present. You can gain these charges on Itto's second and fourth normal combo attack (first and third under ulti) and with the elemental skill.

Speaking of skills, it involves throwing Ushi, a pet that will deal damage when thrown and distract nearby enemies. Superlative Megaforce charges are gained when Ushi is thrown into the field dealing damage, when Ushi takes damage, or when the skill ends.

Unleashing, on the other hand, works similarly to Noelle's: it infuses Geo into your attacks and provides a big attack boost based on Itto's defense.

As an added bonus, Itto's normal attack combo doesn't restart from zero after each move or dodge.

We therefore recommend the following rotation: trigger the skills of your support characters for damage support and charge Itto's unleash. When the unleash is available, launch it (you can choose to do some normal attacks before to generate some charges). If you already have charges, start with a few charged attacks to consume them and trigger the final attack then cast Ushi and repeat the charged attacks for a new final attack. Otherwise, launch Ushi directly and follow up with charged attacks.

For the rest, chain the simple attacks and charged attacks until the end of the ultimate by alternating the two. You can then go back to the supports to re-roll the skills and start over.


legend of the fight

normal attack : Chains up to 4 sword strikes.

When his 2nd and 4th hits hit an enemy, Itto gains 1 and 2 Superlative Megaforce stacks respectively. Itto can hold a maximum of 5 stacks of Superlative Megaforce, and each time this effect triggers, the duration of the stacks in his possession is reset.

Additionally, Itto's normal attack chain will not reset for a short time after Anti-Demon Zetsugi: Akaushi Catapult or initiating a sprint.

Charged Attack : When you hold down to launch a charged attack while having superlative Megaforce stacks, you can perform Arataki's Kesa Giri without consuming stamina. Each kesa giri will instead consume a stack of Superlative Megaforce. When the last stack of Megaforce is consumed, Itto unleashes a very powerful finishing attack.

If no Superlative Megaforce stacks are available, Itto will consume stamina to perform a simple Saichimonji Slash.

Combo : 79,23% / 76,37% / 91,64% / 117,22%

Charged Kesagiri Final : 190,92%
Charged Slash of Saichimonji : 90,47%

DGT during the fall : 81,83%
DGT Low/high drop : 163,63% / 204,39%
Anti-Demon Zetsugi: Akaushi Catapult

Launch Ushi, the young Akaushi bull and auxiliary member of the Arataki gang, to inflict Geo DMG! When Ushi hits an enemy, he grants Arataki Itto 1 stack of Superlative Megaforce.

Ushi then remains on the field and assists in the following ways:
• It taunts nearby enemies and draws their attention.
• He inherits a percentage of Arataki Itto's max HP.
• When taking DMG, grants Arataki Itto 1 stack of Superlative Megaforce. A stack can be obtained once every 2s in this way.
• If his HP is depleted or the duration expires, he flees while granting Arataki Itto 1 stack of Superlative Megaforce.

Ushi is considered a Geo build, and Arataki Itto can only spawn one Ushi at a time.

DGT competence : 307,2%
Legacy HP : 100%
Duration : 6s
TdR : 10s
Evil Oni King: Rise of Itto

It's time to show off the power of the Arataki gang! Itto lets his inner wrathful Oni King emerge for a while, using his Oni King kanabo in battle.

The following characteristics apply:
• Normal, Charged, and Diving attacks are imbued with Geo DMG that cannot be enchanted.
• Attack SPD of Itto's normal attacks increases, and his ATK will be increased based on his DEF.
• When the 1st or 3rd hit of his normal attack hits an enemy, Arataki Itto gains 1 superlative Megaforce stack.
• Arataki Itto's Elemental and Physical RES are reduced by 20%.

Bonus ATQ : 57,6%
Bonus VITA ATQ : 10%
TdR : 18s
Energy cost : 70

What set of artifacts for Itto?

One set is perfectly suited to the character since it provides defense and Geo damage: the four-piece Shell. Look first for damage and critical chance, geo damage, energy recharge. The attack will be a bonus.

Click to show build - Geo DPS

With whom to play Itto?

Itto needs defense and is a Geo character without the need for any particular element. Supports providing a boost in defense, attack, Geo damage will therefore be interesting. Geo characters will also provide resonance and Geo elemental particles allowing the ultimate to be charged more easily.

The minimum will therefore be to have a second Geo character in the team.

To date, Gorou has a great symbiosis with Itto (bringing defense, Geo damage, resistance to interruption and Geo resonance). A third Geo character to activate all the bonuses will be necessary and the last character can be a support of your choice.


If the character is viable without it, Itto's Constellations will bring comfort mainly by allowing you to more easily generate the "Superlative Megaforce" charges or not to consume them:

Constellation #1
Calm down and let's listen!
After using Evil Oni King: Rise of Itto, Arataki Itto gains 2 stacks of Superlative Megaforce. After 1s, Itto gains 1 stack of Superlative Megaforce every 0,5s for 1,5s.
Constellation #2
General fight!
After using Evil Oni King: Rise of Itto, each character on the Geo-type team allows the ToR of this ability to decrease by 1,5s and restore Arataki Itto's elemental energy by 6pts.

ToR can be lowered by a maximum of 4,5s and Elemental Energy can be restored by a maximum of 18 in this way.
Constellation #3
The bull by the horns!
Genesis Skill Level: Anti-Demon Zetsugi: Akaushi Catapult +3. Max level: 15
Constellation #4
With dry bread and water!
When the Wrathful Oni King status granted by Evil Oni King: Rise of Itto ends, all nearby team characters' DEF and ATK are increased by 20% for 10s.
Constellation #5
A decade of fame at Hanamizaka
Transformation skill level: Evil Oni King: Rise of Itto +3. Max level: 15
Constellation #6
Arataki Itto, present!
The CRIT DMG of Arataki Itto's Charged Attacks is increased by 70%. Additionally, when using a series of Arataki's Kesa Giri, he has a 50% chance of not consuming Superlative Megaforce.

The final word

Itto is a good character and will allow you to complete the entire game. He is playable in C0 and does not need other characters to be viable. If you like nag gameplay with a big club, this character is for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to find us on Discord. You can also follow our Twitter to not miss any information!

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