How and with whom to play Kokomi?

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Sangonomiya Kokomi, the priestess of Watatsumi Island joined the list of playable characters a few days ago. Let's go back together on the character and his gameplay.

How to play Kokomi?

Kokomi has skills very focused on the care and application of the Hydro element. She has a unique talent of her kind to date. Indeed, Kokomi in exchange for a healing bonus has 100% critical chance removed, thereby eliminating any chance of an effective DPS build.

His elemental skill places a jellyfish that applies the Hydro state, slaps enemies, and heals allies within range every 2 seconds or so. This aquatic companion will stay with Kokomi for 12 seconds initially. However, using the unleash allows you to recover these full 12 seconds.

Finally, his ultimate allows for 7 seconds to gain a damage bonus on the attacks of Kokomi and his jellyfish based on the point of view and healing bonus by Kokomi. It costs 70 elemental energy, which puts it among the highest half of the game.

What set of artifacts for the Priestess?

For a support build, its jellyfish allowing it to hit enemies even when Kokomi is not on the field and Kokomi gaining power with health points, the Millelith Tenacity 4-piece set is a good choice since it will provide a bonus to other members of your team. If you want to do extra damage, the Clam set is also a good choice.

Click to view build - Support

Click to show build - DPS Hydro

With whom to play Kokomi?

Kokomi will add to your teams needing Healing and Hydro application, especially for characters similar to Xiangling or Fischl who can inflict high damage in Evaporation/Electrocution while leaving the field to Kokomi who applies Hydro for these reactions.

An atypical build

There are probably people out there who will want to use Kokomi as primary DPS. If we advise against this idea, it remains feasible. Then equip Kokomi with a 4-piece "soul of the depths" set, maximize his health points, healing bonus, energy recharge, elemental mastery and Hydro damage.

So you can use the jellyfish to activate the set and then use the ultimate to inflict great damage using a support that applies Pyro regularly to perform Evaporations.


Few people will have access to it, but the Kokomi constellations are mainly used to increase its damage or healing. Thus the first, fourth and sixth allow you to gain damage. The second increases Kokomi's healing. Note that the fourth also helps to generate the elemental energy needed for his ultimate.

The third and fifth, as usual, increase Kokomi's skill levels.

The precise descriptions of these constellations, talents and skills are available here.

The final word

Kokomi is a character with a power much discussed by players, and it is true that she is not overpowered compared to the other characters available. However, it will allow you to complete the game without problems, with grace and fish!

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